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3DS Update Now Allows Save Data Backup

In June Nintendo’s popular handheld gaming device, the 3DS, received a system update. The 3DS is named so because it allows players to see the games in three dimensions. The device is available in both regular and ‘XL’ size. Every so often Nintendo update the system to offer various improvements or new features. Included in this update was the ability to back up your save game data for digital downloads to your SD card.
Most of the games available for download from the eShop now support this feature, but there are some that currently do not. Included in this list are titles such as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Monster Hunter 3G and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It’s not currently known whether these games will be updated to support the feature, but it’s likely they will – some of them are first party Nintendo titles, after all. However, the majority of downloadable 3DS titles do support the feature, as do the majority of Virtual Console games.
The new backup utility can be found under the System Settings (accessible from the home screen). The feature allows you to backup games one at a time, for a maximum of 30 games. Alternatively, you can achieve the backup by tapping on the game from your home screen, scrolling to the left by tapping the arrow and then selecting ‘Save-Data Backup’. However, if you want to back it all up in bulk, then the former method is the quicker and more convenient option.
How often you wish to back up your digital saves is entirely up to you and will vary depending on how heavy a player you are. If, for example, you have sunk hundreds of hours into an RPG then it would make sense to do a regular backup just so you don’t lose all that effort.
The Nintendo eShop is fast becoming a popular way for players to access 3DS titles. While Nintendo was slow to properly embrace digital downloads, they seem keen to push forward with their eShop. All games launch digitally and physically simultaneously and Nintendo are keen to advertise the fact.
With digital downloads constantly growing, it makes sense for Nintendo to update the system and allow users to better manage their game saves. Although the 3DS is a stable system and SD cards are a proven technology, nothing is ever one hundred per cent reliable. There is always the chance that something could go wrong, so the ability to back your save games up on digital downloads is very handy – especially if it means all those hours of gameplay won’t go down the drain if disaster does strike!
The 3DS firmware update also included several other features, like improving overall system ability and minor adjustments to enhance the user experience. Users in European territories also saw an update to the Mii Plaza, with brand new games to buy and various other improvements. This isn’t yet available in America, apparently due to some bugs that weren’t fixed in time. However, it’s likely that this update will come sooner rather than later.


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