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Remote Workers Can Now Access Virtual Mac Desktops via the Cloud

MacStadium has recently introduced virtual Mac desktops via their brand new Mac-as-a-service line.

12 / 20 / 2022 J.R. Johnivan

Google Cloud and VMware Focusing on Cloud Migrations

Google and VMware are expanding their partnership and making it easier for companies to migrate to the cloud.

04 / 04 / 2022 J.R. Johnivan

How iDrive Mirror Provides Data Backup on the Cloud

IDrive Mirror leverages the cloud to store your most important data.

07 / 20 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

Mass Mountain Technologies to Provide Enterprise Backup Services

Mass Mountain Technologies has proven time after time that they're dedicated to the IT industry.

04 / 05 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

Using Google Shared Drives

Is Google Shared Drives right for you and your team?

02 / 01 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

How Modern Websites Use Online Cookies To Track Your Internet Activity

A brief primer on HTTP cookies, their usage and their legality in 2021 and beyond.

01 / 05 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

IBM Moves Away from Managed Services in Favor of the Hybrid Cloud

IBM is switching their focus away from managed services in favor of hybrid cloud computing, next-gen AI, and quantum computing.

11 / 04 / 2020 J.R. Johnivan

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