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Mass Mountain Technologies to Provide Enterprise Backup Services

Mass Mountain Technologies is a company that's on the move. While they might not be a household name quite yet, they hope to change all that with a serious of recent developments. Not only did they establish a secondary headquarters, but they also recently acquired a Minnesota-based company known as Mass Storage Systems, Inc. This, along with their growing presence in Grand Rapids, Michigan, would be enough for most budding IT companies to enjoy a strong start in the industry.

But their journey toward the top doesn't stop there. Apart from their years of dedication to the industry itself, which began in 1996, Mass Mountain Technologies is also a woman-owned business; a true rarity in a highly competitive industry that is predominately ruled by men. If that wasn't enough, they're also expanding their service offerings with high-speed, enterprise-grade data storage and backup.

Lisa Jabara Newell, current managing director with Mass Mountain Technologies, spoke about their recent advancements by saying: "In light of the exceptional circumstances and changes the last year has brought, innovative IT solutions have made it possible for organizations to keep business moving. We want to provide reliable and affordable support to strategic leaders and professionals in all industries that will allow them to perform their mission critical tasks and business decisions with confidence and without complications. Additionally, we are excited to contribute to our West Michigan business community by bringing our unique, trusted business model and future job opportunities to our amazing state.”

A Look at Their Services

Mass Mountain Technologies fulfills a number of fundamental needs for businesses in the 21st century. This includes:
'Alpine Series: This service provides their flagship, enterprise-level storage solutions, which can be configured with traditional HDDs or modern SSDs.

Summit 6.0 Turbostorage: Powered by Everest 6.0 and billed as "Network Fast Storage," this services covers their fastest and most efficient storage solutions.

Stratus Cloud Services: Enterprise clients who need cloud access might want to look into their Stratus Cloud, which provides virtual cloud services on- or off-site.

Finally, there are two different options for those who want long-term data storage: the Ascent Series of disk-based servers or their Vertex Series, which uses tape backup for preservation. This choice is left up to the individual customer in order to better meet the needs of modern enterprises.

About Mass Mountain Technologies

Mass Mountain Technologies already has an established reputation in the industry. With well over 20 years of longevity in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry, they've managed to stake their claim and prove their dedication in the process – but they haven't stopped there.

Instead, the team behind Mass Mountain Technologies continues to push the envelope, refine their services and improve their customer support through regular service upgrades, additions and enhancements. If you're looking for a professional and customer-focused solution to meet your needs, look no further than Mass Mountain Technologies.

For more information on Mass Mountain Technologies, including any details on the latest advancements and developments, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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