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Using Quantum Key Distribution for Next-Gen Encryption

What is quantum key distribution, and how could it be used to secure data in the future?

03 / 16 / 2022 J.R. Johnivan

DDR4 Memory Protections Compromised

A huge vulnerability in DRAM architecture threatens all devices using DDR4 RAM.

12 / 02 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

What is SIEM and How Can it Benefit You?

Security information and event management (SIEM) has a lot to offer to modern businesses and enterprises.

09 / 25 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

How Are NFTs Stored?

NFTs are booming in popularity, but do you know how this data is stored, managed, and protected?

06 / 01 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

Should You Backup Your Data When Leaving a Job?

You're about to leave your job. Here's why you need to be careful with your data.

09 / 08 / 2020 Chris Connor

Malicious Software Hiding in Play Store Apps Meant for Kids

Unfortunately, a number of child-friendly apps on the Google Play Store have been hosting malicious software.

03 / 31 / 2020 J.R. Johnivan

Your Google Backup May Have Been Sent to a Stranger

Google hold a lot of our data and we trust them to keep it safe, but a recent error proves otherwise.

03 / 31 / 2020 Chris Connor

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