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Google Cloud and VMware Focusing on Cloud Migrations

Modern businesses are migrating to the cloud in record numbers. But for some brick-and-more organizations, the process of transitioning to the cloud is easier said than done. With so many different service providers available, different security configurations, and a multitude of cloud-based apps to choose from, the typical cloud migration is anything but simple.

As such, the team at Google is teaming up with VMware to make the average cloud migration process simpler than ever before. But how can they achieve this?

Focusing on Cloud Migration

Google’s announcement officially in March 2022, where they detailed plans to expand their partnership with VMware for the specific purpose of helping organizations adapt to modern cloud environments. Although the Google Cloud VMware Engine was originally launched in 2020, which is meant to simplify cloud migrations in and of itself, Google is doubling down on their efforts.

They’re doing so by adding their solution to the existing VMware Cloud Universal subscription service. Not only does it let customers purchase the service directly via the VMware Cloud, but it joins a host of other tools, utilities, and services, too – many of which are specifically designed to help ease the pains of modern cloud migration.

Kevin Ichhpurani, corporate VP for global ecosystem with Google Cloud, spoke about the new partnership by saying: “Our partnership with VMware makes it very easy for businesses to migrate VMware-based applications to Google Cloud’s trusted and highly performant infrastructure. This announcement brings VMware and Google Cloud closer together and represents a significant step forward in our joint commitment to support businesses’ digital transformations with Google Cloud VMware Engine.”

But the service offers more to customers than mere convenience. By utilizing the Google Cloud VMware Engine with the VMware Cloud Universal subscription service, some larger organizations have the potential to save well over $2 million annually. Given the current state of the economy, both in the United States and abroad, this could result in significant savings that can be diverted and investing elsewhere in your business.

VMware is Switching Focus, Too

Google isn’t the only company that’s switched their focus in recent times. The team with VMware has recently announced a shift from traditional software licensure to an ongoing, subscription-based business model. This change is expected to give customers the ability to customize their services without bogging them down with useless or unnecessary apps.

Moreover, it also gives VMware plenty of recurring revenue from current and future clients. Their recent collaborations with Google will give them even more exposure to the mainstream audience, and they’ll be in a great position to introduce future updates and upgrades to bolster their services even further.

Likewise, Google can capitalize on a new flow of customers coming directly from VMware. As VMware Cloud Foundation currently supports over 85 million workloads on behalf of customers all around the globe, Google will be able to bolster their bottom line, too. Overall, it’s a winning situation for everyone involved: Google, VMware, and all their customers.


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