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Remote Workers Can Now Access Virtual Mac Desktops via the Cloud

Modern cloud services give individuals and enterprises access to resources that they wouldn’t otherwise have. While many of these offerings are centered on cloud-based data storage, software-as-a-service, and similar products, MacStadium – a cloud-based service that focuses on virtualized Mac devices – has recently added a virtual Mac desktop solution to their services.

The First of Its Kind

Although we’ve seen cloud-based Mac Minis before, the new service from MacStadium is the first of its kind. With the introduction of virtual Mac desktops, the power of the latest Mac hardware and operating system is now available for anyone, at any time, and, thanks to the cloud, from any place with an active internet connection.

Chris Chapman, senior vice president and CTO with MacStadium, provided some detail about the new services by saying: “The time is right for Mac-as-a-service because the Apple ecosystem is growing and accelerating at an amazing rate. It is not only the primary way we use tech in our personal lives, but also is increasingly becoming the tool of choice for our work lives.”

The statement continued with: “In the enterprise world the landscape is shifting from centralized to decentralized workforces and people are leveraging bring your own desktop (BYOD), which is leading to Mac as a primary choice. As an enterprise, providing consistent, secure tools has become paramount. And providing access to the Mac platform is a large gap in current cloud capabilities.”

Putting Mac on the Cloud

Officially known as Orka Workspace, the Mac-as-a-service, as it’s been dubbed, is based on state-of-the-art Mac virtualization technology. However, putting Mac on the cloud was not a simple endeavor. The operating system itself isn’t exactly known as the most user-friendly OS out there, and it’s certainly not meant optimized for remote connectivity.

Chapman continued by saying: "Orka Workspace’s introduction is nothing short of a paradigm shift for professionals who work in Mac environments, giving organizations the ability to easily and securely manage user workspaces wherever they may be, and on any device.”

The Orka Workspace is meant for anyone who wants to integrate the Mac platform into their day-to-day business without having to make the investment of purchasing such equipment on their own. Not only will it bring the Mac desktop environment to developers and content creators who wouldn’t normally have the access, but it will help companies standardize productivity amongst remote workers. By offering everyone a virtualized Mac desktop, certain employers can transition more of their workforce to remote and work-from home roles.

The Future of Mac-as-a-Service

For now, the future of Mac-as-a-service is bright. The team at MacStadium is excited about the new service offering, as are their customers, and MacStadium already has plans to expand on this functionality in the future. Desktop customization for individual users, persistent storage, and more are all expected in the coming months and years.

To find out more information about MacStadium, Mac-as-a-service, or any of their other products and services, please visit their official website at {{|}} today.


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