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Actifio Sky Offers Data Virtualization For Cloud Frameworks

Actifio has provided long-term data management, including storage, backup, data recovery and performance analytics since 2009. Their software and services have made a huge impression in a relatively short amount of time in the industry, which is not an easy feat by any means. Unwilling to give up the spotlight just yet, Actifio has taken a queue from some of the major industry brands -- they've expanded on their service portfolio with the announcement of Actifio Sky.

What is Actifio Sky?

Unveiled in early 2014, Actifio Sky offers an enterprise-level approach to data virtualization while simultaneously increasing the resiliency and accessibility of cloud-based appliances. Although this will be Actifio's first offering in the world of device virtualization, they are optimistic that their success in other areas will carry over to the data virtualization sector.

There are numerous key features to Actifio Sky, each of which was highlighted in the product's initial press release. First and foremost is the ability to capture data from various production-related applications, which it does so in strict coordination with a highly customizable SLAs as well as a set of stringent protocols.

Next is the ability to oversee the entire lifecycle of data, which is done through the creation of a "golden master" file. This can be stored on any accessible drive or network location, and it can also be updated as often as needed.

Data accessibility is another critical component of Actifio Sky. Capable of direct mounting or cloning virtual copies of data, Actifio Sky eliminates the time consumed by transferring actual data. This ensures quick accessibility as well as painless data recovery. Moreover, the WAN-optimized replication protocol, which serves to optimize bandwidth usage to the fullest extent, has been shown to reduce network loads by as much as 70%.

Finally, users of Actifio Sky's data virtualization appliance will be able to create an unlimited number of virtual copies at any time and at any place. This is due, at least in part, to Actifio's Virtual Data Pipeline technology, which enables invisible and seamless management, increased deployment options and a greater range of options.

Initial Deployment

In its initial phase, Actifio Sky will be rolled out to remote / branch offices (ROBOs) for testing and analysis. The appliance will also be made available via cloud-based deployment, thereby allowing businesses and enterprises the chance to use its functionality.

Current users of Actifio's Copy Data Storage System, or Actifio CDS, will be able to enjoy a seamless integration of the two technologies, a merger that ultimately boosts data mobility, accessibility and data management capabilities. Virtual appliances can also be deployed to Amazon Web Services, which provides on-demand storage and other related cloud computing services.

Actifio Sky is currently available to businesses and enterprises within the IT sector. To find out more about the appliance, including data contained in various technical spec sheets as well as information on Actifio's entire range of products and services, including Actifio CDS and Actifio Resiliency Director, you can visit their website at


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