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Acuity Utilizes Iron Mountain to Safeguard Client Data

Acuity Management Solutions, a leading provider of software-as-a-service offerings primarily within the legal sector, has recently decided to call upon the expertise of Iron Mountain Incorporated, a popular and innovative information management firm, in order to safeguard their data via dedicated escrow and hosting solutions. The move by Acuity was crucial in order to maintain business continuity as well as data protection well into the 21st century.

Kelly Johnston, CEO and president of Acuity, was quoted as saying: “Acuity Protect allows our clients to benefit from the best of both worlds – and marries the affordability and scalability of our cloud-based solution with the risk mitigation and security of traditional behind-the-firewall solutions. Our clients and prospects deserve a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery solution to ensure their data and intellectual property are protected for the long haul, and Acuity Protect delivers.”

Iron Mountain is perhaps best known for their creative-yet-functional approach to data management. As their datacenters are located inside former limestone mines and other similar locations, the company is able to take advantage of the Earth’s own cooling mechanisms – as well as it’s physical defense qualities – in order to safeguard the information of their clients in a secure, efficient and eco-friendly manner.

Apart from Iron Mountain, NEC Corporation of America will also lend its hand in securing Acuity’s business operations into the future. By providing infrastructure-as-a-service, as well as a plethora of other proprietary technologies, NEC is able to protect Acuity’s data from service outages and other similar issues while simultaneously bolstering risk management capabilities on behalf of Acuity.

NEC Corporation of America, which is a part of a network that generates $29.5 billion on an annual basis in revenue for its parent company, is a world leader in IT integration, networking and communication. Known for their expertise with big data analytics, biometrics and IT security, NEC is a crucial part of Acuity’s future plans.

About Acuity Management Solutions

Acuity Management Solutions was originally founded in 1996. They’ve been an ever-present force in the IT industry ever since, where they’ve fulfilled the needs of legal professionals, e-billing specialists, data analytics by providing software-as-a-service and other types of collaborative technology. As such, they’ve been at the forefront of managed services within the IT industry for nearly a decade.

The company’s CEO, Kelly Johnston, summed up Acuity’s mission in a simply statement by saying: “In the era of always-on constant communication and interaction, reclaiming time has never been more paramount. At Acuity, the solutions we build and the way we deliver them are always designed to increase efficiency. Whether we save a user three clicks to expedite the invoice approval process, or develop an entirely new work flow to ingest batch invoices for mass tort litigation, we are keenly aware that saving our constituents time frees them up to get back to doing what they do best. We're excited to help legal teams discover how Acuity ELM software can accelerate their evolution to strategic business partner, and our brand platform honors the amazing and often times unheralded work these teams do.”


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