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Adobe and Dropbox Team Up To Boost PDF Functionality

Having taken a proactive stance to enhance document synchronization between mobile devices, company computers and traditional paperwork, the team with Adobe is introducing new digital document accessibility through a new partnership with Dropbox. To that extent, they've recently announced their plans to boost functionality regarding e-signing services as well as cloud-based PDF management in tandem with the professionals at Dropbox.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox, which was introduced to the general public in 2007, is a cloud-based file hosting platform that is operated by Dropbox, Inc. Based out of San Francisco, CA, the service currently boasts more than 400 million users around the world. According to their official mission statement, their goal is to: "simplify the way people work together."

Enhanced Functionality

At the time of its initial launch, the new service streamlines the process of opening, sharing and editing PDFs from a desktop computer. Thanks to the service, users are now able to use Adobe to work with PDFs that are located on Dropbox's servers instead of local storage devices. While support for mobile devices is not yet included, the team plans to add support for some of the most popular mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads, within the coming months.

Kevin Lynch, general manager as well as senior vice president of Adobe Document Cloud, spoke about the recent consumer embrace of mobile technology. He was quoted as saying: "The requirements of our customers have constantly evolved over time; today, mobile has become the rule and people expect to complete work quickly and simply wherever and whenever they need. Our work with Dropbox, as our first file sync and share partner, will help Adobe Document Cloud customers and people around the world be more productive with the documents at the center of their daily lives."

Moreover, Adobe's e-signing initiative will enhance support for enterprise users, thereby bolstering digital document management and recordkeeping services. New functionality introduced to their e-signing service includes an improved workflow, greater consistency between signing processes, an option to cancel digital documents as they are being transferred or synchronized and additional support for the enhanced signing regulations that will be introduced into the European Union in 2016.

Dennis Woodside, chief operation officer with Dropbox, spoke enthusiastically about the recent collaboration. He was quoted as saying: "We provide the world’s simplest, most powerful collaboration platform for the creative and entrepreneurial lives of our 400 million users. They want to edit PDF files on-the-go, gather feedback from their team—even collect signatures for a contract—on any device. Partnering with Adobe helps our users work better together."

More Information

All of the new functionality is available to users of Adobe Acrobat Reader as well as Adobe Acrobat DC, and the service is available to both Mac and PC users. As mentioned, support for mobile devices, including iOS and Android devices, is expect to be added soon.

For more information regarding the recent partnership between Adobe and Dropbox, please visit their official site at Further information regarding Adobe or Dropbox can be found at or, respectively.


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