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Adobe Experience Manager Teams with MongoDB for Storage

While Adobe has shared a valuable partnership with MongoDB throughout the years, the newest release of Adobe Experience Manager, version 6.0, marks yet another milestone between the industry giants. In a press release made in the middle of 2014, Adobe announced their plans to leverage MongoDB, a leader in database management applications, in order to streamline and optimize digital media on behalf of today's consumer market.

In fact, MongoDB was used to develop an entire persistence layer, which is partially responsible for software stability and data integrity, for use in Adobe Experience Manager 6.0. This is expected to increase a number of aspects, including customer loyalty, brand awareness, service availability and information accessibility, just to name a few. The new version of Adobe Experience Manager introduces full scalability support, which accommodates future enterprise growth.

What is Adobe Experience Manager?

For those who are not aware, Adobe Experience Manager is a highly specialized software that aides in customer relationship management across multiple channels, including digital media, social media, mobile communications and web-based accessibility. By centralizing the management of such customer-facing strategies, businesses and enterprises are able to minimize spending while simultaneously boosting the success of customer outreach and engagement initiatives. The recent partnership with MongoDB only adds to these functionalities by providing dedicated data storage and management expertise.

Partnership and Deployment

The integration of MongoDB and the Adobe Experience Manager software also supports the development and long-term management of large-scale data repositories, which have seen a vast upswing in usage as of late. Moreover, the content repository architecture featured in Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 is heavily influenced by the industry standard JCR 2.0, which ensures that businesses and enterprises maintain full compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

David Nuescheler, Adobe's Vice President of Enterprise Technology, spoke highly of their partnership with MongoDB in a recent press release, where he was quoted as saying: "To effectively reach audiences, today's businesses demand scalable and accessible solutions to manage large repositories of digital assets across an expanding number of channels and platforms. As Adobe continues to support the real-time enterprise, MongoDB has become another trusted source for managing this explosive growth of digital assets and a strong option for our customers."

Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 is already being used by several early adapters within the industry. Names like Verizon Wireless, Philips and Audi have already made the upgrade to Adobe Experience Manager 6.0, and they are already seeing the benefits.

Max Schireson, MongoDB's CEO, shared the sentiment express by Adobe. He was quoted as saying: "MongoDB helps global brands like Adobe drive agility and innovation for their customers amidst a fast-growing, diverse, digital landscape. Proven and trusted, MongoDB delivers the scalability enterprises need to power their business."

Exactly what the future holds for Adobe and MongoDB remains to be seen, but projects like this only add to the duo's track record of success. To find out more information about Adobe and the products they offer, visit their website at Likewise, you can find out more information about MongoDB via their website, which is located at


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