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ADTRAN Introduces Cloud-Based Analytics

Based out of the southern United States in Hunstville, Alabama,, ADTRAN, Inc. has recently unveiled their new ProCloud Analytics solution that is poised to bolster data collection, processing and analysis on behalf of their customers. The new functionality is expected to help ADTRAN maintain competitiveness while simultaneously providing improved customer experiences and satisfaction across the board.

Todd Lattanzi, current director for ADTRAN's cloud services division, spoke enthusiastically about their new cloud analytics solution. He was quoted as saying: "The launch of ProCloud Analytics demonstrates ADTRAN’s commitment to providing a full range of valuable cloud-managed services. Our analytics solution is a seamless, cloud-based addition to ADTRAN ProCloud managed services, making it an easy solution to layer on top of service providers’ existing offerings for wide range of customers and vertical markets."

ADTRAN's ProCloud Analytics application actually uses a rather straightforward process to collect data. Once a customer logs onto a Wi-Fi connection, ADTRAN then facilitates the collection and archival of information such as name, gender, age, hometown, email address and even the type of device the customer is using. As such, the platform will increase the effectiveness of targeted email and SMS campaigns by highlighting key customer demographics, trends and statistics.

Scott Carter, director of marketing with the Durham Bulls Baseball Club, explained how ADTRAN's new ProCloud Analytics suite has helped his team. He was quoted as saying: "ADTRAN helps us maintain a strong network experience to support fans’ connectivity demands and ProCloud Analytics is crucial to our ability to understand the demographics of our fan base."

He continued by saying: "We have a better understanding of who is coming to the ballgames and how often they return. Guests at the stadium can simply use their existing social media accounts - like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google or through a customized portal - to access the free Wi-Fi service. We are encouraging social media engagement and capturing critical data that helps us connect fans to a more enjoyable experience with promotions, in-game mobile applications and reasons to keep coming back."

Nolan Greene, a top research analyst with the Network Infrastructure Group of IDC, spoke about the future of wireless technology and how it applies to enterprises in the 21st century. He was quoted as saying: "Cloud-managed wireless networks are becoming more prevalent and opening up greater opportunities for organizations to layer additional services that drive efficiency and value into the network. Public-facing businesses like retail, restaurants, sport stadiums and others are seeing Wi-Fi as a more direct opportunity to engage with customers. Businesses are now able to deliver the right information to the right customers, incentivize at the most opportune times through targeted offers, while enhancing the overall customer experience."

In addition to their newly launched ProCloud Analytics platform, ADTRAN provides a number of cloud-based services and solutions. Their ProCloud.EDU offering, for example, was developed specifically for use in classrooms and educational institutions. For more information on ADTRAN services and solutions, please visit their official website at


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