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Diving into the AOMEI Backupper Standard

By now, even the majority of casual computer users are able to understand the importance of backing up personal data on a regular basis. While most modern operating systems include built-in functionality for this very reason, their utilities tend to be overly complex, confusing and, in some cases, downright archaic.

If you find the built-in backup process of Windows to be a little too advanced for your liking, the AOMEI Backupper Standard might be the solution you've been looking for. With a streamlined user interface, the software is immediately accessible to novice users and pros alike.

The software is also incredibly versatile. By giving users the option to archive files to a local ISO file or a burnable and bootable disk image for DVDs and CDs, AOMEI's Backupper Standard provides plenty of options. It's important to note that an external DVD- or CD-writing program will be needed, but there are many free programs out there to choose from.

Users are also able to schedule automated backups, which is great for those who find it difficult to maintain a regular archival schedule. Event-triggered backups are also available.

Moreover, users are able to take advantage of the three different backup methods available, all of which are commonly seen in some of the more prolific solutions. The default option provides a full backup of your system while the differential option covers only data that has been added or modified since the last full backup operation. The third option, incremental, backups any new or recently modified data from both full and incremental archives.

Despite all of the functionality included in AEOMEI Backupper Standard, users still have the ability to initiate a backup with one click. This process effectively archives the critical files from Windows, any installed programs you may have and even your custom settings for specific applications.

Perhaps the best part of all is the fact that AEOMEI Backupper Standard is available at absolutely no cost to the user. In fact, tens of millions of users are currently benefitting from various AEOMI products without incurring any charges whatsoever. For the frugal computer user or the business owner who is looking for new ways to cut costs, this software can be a real life saver.

For those who need a little more functionality than what is offered through the free software, AEOMI has several different options regarding a paid version of Backupper Standard. The company also offers Backupper Professional, Backupper Server, Backupper Technician and Backupper Technician Plus. With differing price tags and a range of different features included within each version, AEOMI Backupper Standard can be used by beginner-level computer users and veteran IT professionals alike.

To find out more information on AOMEI, including an in-depth look at AEOMI Backupper Standard and details on any of their other products, services or solutions, please visit their official website at Current users of their software can also receive free technical support or join the discussions of other AOEMI customers on their official online forum.


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