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An Overview of Agosto's New SkyKit Cloud Storage Gateway

While Agosto Inc. might not be the most recognizable name in the IT industry, they are certainly considered a regional leader in Minneapolis, MN. Known for their local work in IT consultation and application development, Agosto has recently released a brand new solution, dubbed the SkyKit Cloud Storage Gateway (CSG), as a means of strengthening backup reliability and disk-to-cloud data migrations on behalf of their customer base. One of the featured topics at Google's I/O Extended Minneapolis conference, which took place in June 2014, the new SkyKit Cloud CSG has already drawn attention from beyond their home city.

Aric Bandy, vice president with Agosto, explained the concept and purpose of SkyKit CSG by saying: "As a company's storage footprint grows, IT departments are forced to spend more time managing storage procuring, provisioning, maintaining and upgrading as well as backing up and protecting all of those systems. Agosto designed SkyKit CSG to relieve IT departments of that burden so they can focus on more business-critical matters."

How It Works

SkyKit CSG looks like any other drive once it's connected to a network, thus making it easily recognizable to your existing operating system. The device then transmits an encrypted backup of the client's data to Agosto's cloud servers, while also maintaining a localized cache of data that is regularly accessed. This provides a secure, reliable and offsite means of data preservation while still offering uninhibited access to mission-critical and frequently used files. Perhaps even more importantly, SkyKit CSG features full support for onsite data recovery in the event of a disaster or unexpected loss of data.


Agosto's SkyKit CSG is currently available at an all-inclusive service level. This includes a consistent monthly subscription fee that incorporates onsite hardware and software functionality, disk-to-cloud data migration, continuous system maintenance and access to customer service professionals. This lets IT officials with small and medium-sized enterprises outsource such IT services to a local, community-based company that is already experienced in the highly complex and ever-evolving area of IT operations.

Dr. Jared Tabler, vice president with the People and Marketing Division at ICOM Productions, spoke highly of Agosto as he explained how SkyKit CSG has helped his organization. He was quoted in a recent interview as saying: "Agosto had already helped us implement Google Apps, which was the easiest technology rollout I have ever been a part of. When we started looking at cloud storage solutions, we knew Agosto was the right partner. Agosto's Skykit Cloud Storage Gateway is helping take our business to the next level not just for our needs today, but for our future growth as well."

About Agosto Inc.

Recognized amongst the world's most experienced and trusted Google Enterprise Partners, Agosto Inc. has been in the business of IT solutions since 2001. While they are headquartered in Minneapolis, they maintain several business offices in Toronto. Agosto has been recognized on three separate occasions amongst the fastest-growing companies while maintaining status as a privately held entity, and they've worked with such highly prolific clients as EllisDon, Corel and The Second City.


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