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Alliance Scale Introduces Fork Lift Scale Capable of Storing User Data

Digital data is used on an everyday basis in a variety of industries, including some conventional and non-conventional environments. Alliance Scale, Inc., for example, a leading distributor of weighing systems and heavy-duty scales, has recently unveiled an integrated scale that combines all of the common functions of a forklift - including heavy lifting, and stocking - with that of an industrial scale. More importantly, the device is able to collect, store and transfer data in real-time.

The device itself, which is featured in both the Alliance Rice Lake CLS-420 and 920i Fork Lift Scale, is meant to be mounted on the fork carriage of most industrial forklifts in operation today. Fully NTEP certified, the device accommodates a maximum cargo load of 5,000 lbs.

As far as the technical features of the Alliance Rice Lake Fork Lift Scale, the device is truly innovative. With full-range WI-FI capabilities and a user controller built directly into the cab of the forklift itself, the scale allows the user to transmit this data to a centralized computer or network framework in real-time, thereby allowing managerial officials the chance to monitor and track warehousing operations on a firsthand basis.

Capable of providing data such as estimated / actual cargo weight, employee identification records, stocking numbers and shipping information, the Alliance Rice Lake Fork Lift Scale results in smarter warehousing design, improved logistics and greater productivity. For those who wish to store such data internally, the 920i version of the device is capable of logging and storing up to 10,000 simultaneous records on its 1 MB of internal memory.

Security is an issue when transmitting such sensitive internal data, but the research and development team with Alliance Scale covered that aspect, as well. Compatible with numerous security protocols, including WPA-P5K, TKIP and 64/128-bit WEP encryption, you'll be able to ensure the safety and integrity of all of your data.

One of the device's primary goals, however, is to completely eliminate the need for a floor scale of any kind within a shop, factory or warehouse setting. Complete with a lithium-ion smart battery that is completely rechargeable, users can expect to receive 24 hours of uninterrupted usage after a charge of only eight hours. Two interchangeable batteries are included with the unit, as well as an external, two-bay battery charger, so users can maintain their productivity by using one battery while recharging the other. Finally, an on / off button located directly on the controller allows the operator to shut the device off when not in use, thereby saving battery power and extending its life even further.

For those that are interested in utilizing the
Alliance Rice Lake Fork Lift Scale, be aware that the technology does not come cheap. In fact, at a starting rate of nearly $7,000, depending on the exact usage and application, the device is only meant for those that want to maximize their warehousing potential and productivity to the fullest extent. Specific pricing quotes are available from individual company representatives, which can be contacted via their website at


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