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Security Flaws Affects iPads, iPhones, and Mac Computers

A recent warning from Apple is urging its users to update their devices – particularly iPads, iPhones, Mac computers, and some iPods – due to two separate security concerns that could let hackers gain full control over these devices. Making the matters worse is the fact that Apple has reported that some devices have already been actively exploited via these zero-day vulnerabilities.

Issues Spanning Multiple Devices

The latest exploits have the potential to affect a number of devices, including:

• iPhone 6S and later
• iPad 5th generation and later
• iPad Pro (all models) / iPad Air 2
• Mac computers with MacOS Monterey

As you might expect, the variety of affected models have comprised a myriad of Apple users. While the team at Apple hasn’t released many details concerning the exploit – including how many users have been affected or exactly how they uncovered the flaw in the first place – the threat seems to be serious enough that they released two separate security patches to address it.

What is a Zero-Day Vulnerability?

The latest exploits are known as zero-day vulnerabilities because they were initially uncovered before the creator – in this case, Apple – was aware of them. Vulnerabilities like this are easily exploitable by hackers, simply because there usually isn’t a patch to safeguard against them.

In this case, the team at Apple moved quickly to address the vulnerability and issue patches for their hardware. However, this isn’t always the case with other zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits.

How Does the Vulnerability Work?

Again, details on the zero-day vulnerability are sparse. What we do know, however, is that the vulnerability could be exploited in a way that lets a hacker gain full administrative access to the affected device. If gone unnoticed or unchecked, this effectively gives hacker full control over your device and any data – including software and personal information – contained within it.

Installing the Update

Thankfully, the updates are rather easy to install. If you’re on an affected iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, simply access the device’s Settings menu, tap on “General,” then navigate to “Software Update” and, finally, “Download and Install.”''

If you’re running a computer with macOS Monterey, load up the device’s System Preferences menu, navigate to “Software Update”, and then choose “Upgrade Now” or “Update Now.”
Updates like this are nothing new. If you’ve used any smart device or computer in the 21st century, you’ve likely performed an update or two in the past. In that sense, these updates are absolutely no different. Although software and, in particularly, modern operating systems, are created with security in mind, the developers can’t possibly account for every possible bug, flaw, or vulnerability.

However, given the severity of the latest vulnerability, as well as the fact that Apple is aware of the vulnerability being actively exploited, users of the affected devices should download and install the update as soon as possible. Not only will this help you avoid any repercussions from the zero-day vulnerability, but it might help protect you from other vulnerabilities and exploits that have yet to be uncovered.


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