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Introducing Arcserve’s Unified Data Protection Platform

Offering their customers a healthy mixture of data backup, replication and deduplication functionality while maintaining a high level of availability, Arcserve’s unified data protection software hopes to reinvent the world of data protection and set a new industry standard in the process. Complete with the trademarked Assured Recovery protocol, which is applicable in both physical and virtual computing environments, the brand new UDP boasts full scalability as well as on-premise or cloud-based recovery options.

As mentioned, the trademarked Assured Recovery platform works with Arcserve’s unified data protection appliance in order to automate disaster recovery testing of all critical enterprise systems. While the testing process can be fully automated, IT administrators also have the option of setting the testing schedule on their own. Moreover, integrated reporting within Assured Recovery maintains all of the necessary logs and information required by compliance and regulatory auditors.

The introduction of Arcserve’s UDP has paved the way for another company service, Arcserve Cloud, as well. Initially available only as a service extension to their new UDP platform, the Arcserve Cloud features testing of failover status, long-term data storage via cloud servers and more. Finally, all data sent to or from the Arcserve Cloud is protected by 256-bit AES encryption, thereby ensuring the safe delivery and receipt of crucial data. The amount of functionality offered through the new UDP and Arcserve’s Cloud is rather impressive.

Christophe Bertrand, vice president of product marketing management with Arcserve, explained whow the Arcserve Cloud works in tandem with their new unified data protection appliance. He was quoted in a recent interview as saying: “The up-front capital of building an off-site recovery data center requires in some cases, and in general, the resources needed to implement a truly effective and efficient disaster recovery infrastructure on your own. That’s why the Arcserve Cloud is a great solution that takes the complexity and cost away, while [businesses] still benefit from enhanced data recovery capabilities.”

Bertrand continued his interview by highlighting some of the plans for moving forward in a fast-paced and evolving IT industry. He said: “We expect to see a continued focus on the adoption of high-availability features and simplicity in the context of a technology consumption model that gives customers choices, such as software, cloud and appliances. Also, on the planning side of the equation, more tools will keep emerging to simplify planning and preparedness in and beyond IT.”

There are a total of five different versions of the Arcserve UDP, each of which is licensed on a per-CPU socket basis. Available editions include Standard, Advanced, Premium, Premium Plus and Workstation, with each different version consisting of different features and entitlements. Every version is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems, and each edition supports source-side global deduplication as well as integrated replication of backup images.

For more information on Arcserve, including a detailed catalog of products and solutions, partnership information, recent press releases and access to online training materials, interested parties should visit their official website at


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