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Asigra Strengthens DRaaS Capabilities

Asigra, Inc., based out or Toronto Canada, is an award winning provider of disaster recovery and cloud-based backup services. Having served as a major player in the game for quite some time now, they are no stranger to physical, virtual or even mobile environments. To that extent, they've recently unveiled Asigra Cloud Backup Version 13, which adds, amongst other things, converged data protection as well as integrated disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) functionality.

Thanks to Asigra's new converged data protection protocol, enterprise IT managers will enjoy increased options in the areas of disaster recovery, traditional data recovery, archival and security. Moreover, organizations will benefit from reduced system complexity and lower service costs.

David Farajun, CEO and founder of Asigra, spoke about the latest upgrades in a newly released statement, where he was quoted as saying: "Version 13 provides the ability to recover data where it lives,more efficiently and at a lower overall cost and complexity,” said David Farajun, CEO and Founder of Asigra. “Our converged data protection software is uniquely positioned to return organizations to productivity regardless of the environment, providing superior business continuity from the IT core to the edge."

The second highlight of Asigra Cloud Backup Version 13, as mentioned earlier, is the new disaster recovery as-a-service functionality. Under the new protocol, users will be able to take advantage of VMware vSphere data replication without the need for initiating a hard backup. Meant specifically to accommodate advanced recovery time objectives, or RTOs, the new DRaaS schema provides a centralized approach to system management by eliminating the need for third-party services or software.

Adam Ocular, business development manager with the IT consultancy firm and longtime Asiagra partner, Long View Systems, explained the demand for DRaaS in relation to his company alone. He was quoted in a recent interview as saying: "It's been great for Long View because we offer not only Asigra for on-demand backup, but we have an on-demand infrastructure offering as well, and combined with the on-demand backup service and project services, we're able to offer a comprehensive product and we're seeing a lot of buzz," he said. "They're looking for a cost-effective disaster recovery type of a scenario. Sometimes they don't want to replicate the entire environment, just the business critical components."

Further upgrades included in Asigra Cloud Backup Version 13 consist of newly streamlined support for open IT environments, infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) compatibility, integration with linear tape systems, mobile data wiping, full protection and support for Office 365 and a host of additional features. Asigra Cloud Backup Version 13 offers accessibility support for personal computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and servers, thereby supporting even the most mobile of enterprises. Moreover, Asigra Cloud Backup Version 13 is certified according to NIST FIPS 140-2 standards.

To find out more information about Asigra's services, including their Cloud Backup software, interested parties can visit their website at Here you'll find the latest news and press releases, software and service information, partnership opportunities, technical support, online resources, specialized training and a plethora of additional services.


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