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ATTO Pioneers XstreamCORE Storage Controller

With a history that dates all the way back to the late 1980s, ATTO Technology has remained a major player in the data storage game for nearly 3 decades. Specializing in enterprise-level and next-gen storage solutions, their recent product, the XstreamCore FC 7500 storage controller, is meant specifically for serial-attached storage (SAS) connectivity as well as direct-connect storage. Moreover, the controller also promotes the utilization of flash-based storage by providing exceptional transfer rates and IOPS numbers.

The new ATTO storage controller provides support for as many as 240 drives, which lets enterprises scale their system as their need for capacity grows. When combined with the XstremView System Manager utility, the internal eCore Control Engine of the appliance is capable of supporting 960 SSDs.

Moreover, it's able to accomplish this while maintaining a total throughput as high as 12 GB/sec. The device is meant to mimic the functionality and power of 16Gb SANs. One notable difference is the fact that you'll be relying on off-the-shelf hardware, such as SAS RAID or JBOD enclosures, with the XstreamCore.

Wayne Arvidson, vice president of marketing and channels with ATTO Technology, spoke about the need for IT solutions that feature enhanced storage and increased speeds. He was quoted as saying: "The transformation taking place within the IT market requires a very different set of performance characteristics. ATTO has been solving similar challenges in other vertical markets for more than 25 years and now brings this expertise to the most demanding high performance IT infrastructures."

Other key features of the controller include end-to-end input and output processing, parallel input / output acceleration engines, hardware buffer management, integrated diagnostic tools, automated error reporting and real-time analytics. All of this combines to create a dedicated, secure and comprehensive infrastructure that boasts an ultra-low latency of less than 4 microseconds.

James U'Ren, product manager with ATTO Technology, touted his company's flash-based solution by saying: "XstreamCore Storage Controllers are unique plug-and-play devices that enable storage architects to build highly scalable, shared-storage solutions that take advantage of commodity flash and capacity storage. XstreamCore is an open technology that provides common services and features for storage that increase overall solution performance with end-to-end latency of less than four microseconds."

The ATTO XstreamCore FC 7500 Storage Controller carries a manufacturer's suggested retail price of just less than $10,000, without any included storage devices, and the FC 7550 dual-controller costs just less than $20,000. While these devices may not be targeted at the novice entrepreneur or startup business, those who are in a position to expand their operations will benefit from the increased capacity, performance and future scalability seen in the XstreamCore.

For more information on either of these two products, or any of the other software and hardware solutions offered by ATTO, please visit their official website at {{|}}. The website also serves as a trove of online resources, information on ATTO's partnership programs, details on resellers and distributors and a whole lot more. In addition, ATTO Technology even maintains an active presence on all of the popular social media channels.


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