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Overview of Australian Backup Services

There are a number of backup services out there; some of them operate globally, in that anyone can sign up no matter their location, while some of them are region-specific. There are a number of benefits to choosing a backup service that is located in the same country as you. For example, you might find them to be cheaper if they trade in your local currency, they will abide by all the data laws that your country follows and you might feel it to be a more secure option.

This article will explore some of the options that Australian’s have when it comes to backing up their data.


WebVault is located in Perth, where they hold their highly-secure enterprise class data centre facilities. Their backup service is fully automated, simple to use and protects your data securely. The data is replicated across two redundant data centres and their retention policies can be customised for recovering specific data. Three different capacity options are available, with 10GB, 50GB and 100GB costing $60/month, $160/month and $250/month respectively. Their sales team can be contacted if smaller or larger capacity amounts are required.


Backup247 has been in operation since 2006, providing backups to Australian businesses. The company is aware that there are cheaper providers out there. However, they stress that it isn’t wise to select a backup provider on cost alone. They stand by their prices as they refuse to compromise quality.

They use their own fully redundant enterprise grade hardware, supported by 4 hour onsite replacement contracts 24/7, 365 days a year to protect data at a hardware level. Premium support is available with Australian technicians. Bandwidth is constantly monitored to get the best results and the data centres have a 99.99% uptime. Prices varying depending on how much data you’ll be storing. It starts at $19.50/month for 5GB and goes all the way to $435.60/month for 500GB. Anything higher and you’ll have to call their sales team.

First Focus

First Focus is a service that is designed to backup servers with a minimum size of 100GB. Their service is designed to offer simple, effective and reliable backup. It is a solution that is based on ShadowProtect and Veeam software, along with their own Smart Cloud infrastructure. This combination allows them to offer a flexible solution that will suit a variety of needs. Users can pay $25 a month on a yearly contract, with additional servers costing $55 a month, and account management and 24/7 support costing an additional $99.


Quantumtek have backup servers in Brisbane and Sydney and have been established since 1997. The backup costs $1.10 per gigabyte per month, with the minimum allowed being 30GB. Discounts are available on larger volumes. Some of the features available are automatic scheduling, complete servers backups, SQL server options and exchange server options.

Some of the aforementioned services have free trials available, meaning you can test out the features and quality of services before departing with your money. Perhaps give some of the aforementioned services a try, but these aren’t the only Australian backups services available.


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