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How Rubrik and Azure Facilitate Digital Transformation

Originally unveiled in early 2010, Microsoft's Azure cloud platform is nearly a decade old. It's one of the largest and most popular cloud services to date, and its drawing significant attention from would-be partners from all across the globe. Most recently, the team with Microsoft designated Rubrik, an independent software vendor, or ISV, as an official co-seller within the Microsoft Partner Network.

'''What's In it for Rubrik?'

But what does this mean for Rubrik? For starters, it gives them a brand new avenue for their hybrid cloud data management solution in the way of Microsoft Azure. In the long-term, it gives the team with Rubrik an opportunity to solidify their presence as an industry frontrunner and leading ISV in the community.

A recent blog post by Rubrik explored the potential benefits of the partnership by stating, in part:
"Rubrik and Azure have helped Berkeley College decrease costs, stay within their data retention policy, and establish a stronger DR strategy. As a result, the college has cut costs by 33 percent, reduced recovery time objective (RTO) to nearly zero, and met compliance requirements by archiving to Microsoft Azure for long-term retention. And this is merely the tip of the iceberg."''

By drawing on their current and past partnerships, like their dealings with Berkeley College in New Jersey, Rubrik hopes to instill a strong sense of confidence amongst investors and customers – new and established – alike.

Spurring Optimism for the Future

If nothing else, the recent partnership between Microsoft and Rubrik should spur a lot of optimism for the future of cloud computing. Microsoft's demonstrated willingness to work alongside Rubrik – as well as their other partners – holds plenty of potential for independent, third-party developers of all types.

Ranajit Nevatia, vice president of business development and alliances with Rubrik, spoke about the new partnership with Azure by saying: "Microsoft Azure is a trusted partner in the enterprise and we’re thrilled to be going to market with Microsoft. Together, we will help customers fully leverage a hybrid cloud model so they can digitally transform their organizations, be more productive and move faster."

Ron Huddleston, a corporate vice president with Microsoft, echoed these sentiments by saying: "It’s exciting to see Rubrik take advantage of Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack to offer solutions that give our customers choice and make it easier for them to migrate and manage data for both cloud-native and hybrid cloud applications."

It's something we're not necessarily used to seeing from the tech giant who, for the most part, has built a reputation by outdoing their competition. Whether this represents a permanent shift in their corporate culture or if it's simply necessary to further development of cloud computing remains to be seen, but it's certainly a step in the right direction for Microsoft and Rubrik alike.

To find out more information about Microsoft, including details on their award-winning Azure cloud platform or any of their other products or services, please visit their official website at {{|}}. For more information on Rubrik, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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