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Backing Up iPhone Data Before Upgrading to iPhone 5c

Apple recently announced two new models of their popular iPhone. One of these was the iPhone 5c, the cheaper of the two that is going to be available in five different colours. It isn’t exactly a budget iPhone that a lot of people expected, but it is cheaper than the alternatives, partly due to the casing being made of a rubber rather than the standard aluminium. It also has improved FaceTime and greater LTE network support, but apart from that it’s basically the same as its predecessor, just in brighter colours and at a slightly lower price.

Current iPhone owners might be thinking of upgrading their handset to the newer iPhone 5c model. Handily, it is possible to transfer the data from your current phone to your new phone in a few simple steps. This article will offer two different methods to go about doing that, depending on the operating system your iPhone runs.

By following this guide, your saved messages, email accounts, photos, notes and other personal data will be moved over to your new iPhone 5c. Some things aren’t carried over, so don’t get rid of your original iPhone before you’re certain that you’ve taken everything you want off it.

Transferring data with iCloud

If your iPhone is running iOS 5 or later then you can use your iCloud account to transfer your data. If you’re on a lower version, then please refer to the iTunes transfer guide below.

First, turn on your old iPhone and go to ‘Settings’, then ‘iCloud’ and then ‘Storage & Backup’ and switch ‘iCloud Backup’ to ‘On’. Connect your phone to your Wi-Fi and then to a power source to make sure you don’t run out of battery during the process.

To begin the backup, tap ‘Back Up Now’. How long this will take will vary on how much data you have on your phone.

When it’s done, turn on your new iPhone 5c and run through the installation steps. Connect to your Wi-Fi when prompted and then, when on the ‘Set up iPhone’ screen, select ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’. Choose the backup you just made and when the process is finished your phone will restart.

Transferring data with iTunes

If your original iPhone is running a version of iOS lower than 5 then you’ll need to use iTunes to transfer your data over to the iPhone 5c.

Before you begin, make sure you’ve got the latest version of iTunes and iOS possible on your devices.

First, connect your original phone to your computer and load up iTunes. Ensure you’re on the Library page and then select the device in the top right corner. Then click ‘Back Up Now’.

Turn on your new iPhone 5c and run through the installation steps and connect to your Wi-Fi when prompted. On the ‘Set Up iPhone’ page you should select ‘Restore from iTunes Backup’. Now connect your iPhone 5c to your computer and iTunes will ask if you want to restore from a backup. Select the one you just made and click ‘Continue’. When the process is finished your phone will restart.


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