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An Overview of BackupAssist Version 9

BackupAssist Software has been safeguarding data for well over a decade. As such, it's safe to say that they know the niche inside and out. One of their most recent releases, BackupAssist v9, takes aim at server virtualization with an increased focus on Hyper-V technology. Apart from the highly useful and streamlined backup functionality seen in past iterations of the software suite, BackupAssist v9 also includes full support for the Hyper-V Tab as well as Rapid VM Recovery.

Thanks to Hyper-V Tab support, users are able to manage and monitor guests originating from Hyper-V. Moreover, BackupAssist UI can be utilized to disseminate backup progress, view alerts or warnings and initiate backup restoration.

Rapid VM Recovery allows for full recovery of Hyper-V guests in a matter of seconds, which ultimately decreases the time needed to enact disaster planning and business continuity strategies. Furthermore, this option provides a temporary solution that is meant to minimize system downtimes until a complete restoration can be completed.

The latest version of BackupAssist wasn't released without its fair share of diligence and quality assurance, however. In fact, BackupAssist v9 underwent extensive beta testing, including both private and public phases, before reaching finalization as the next consumer release.

Steven Chua, business development manager with BackupAssist Software, spoke about the functionality as well as the affordability of BackupAssist v9. He was quoted as saying: "BackupAssist v9 takes the advanced features necessary for protecting complex environments, both virtual and physical, and offers them at a price-point within reach of organizations of all shapes and sizes."

Apart from support for Hyper-V and Rapid VM Recovery, a number of other features and improvements were also introduced via BackupAssist v9. For starters, the developers claim that their most recent release is up to 40% faster during file-level backups and as much as 30% quicker in block-level backup. The software is also capable of restoring any bare-metal image backup from an external, USB-based hard drive.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of BackupAssist v9 is the price tag. At a starting cost of $279, and with plenty of other add-ons to choose from, the package is not for those who are on a tight budget. For those who are serious about data protection, however, there are very few software suites out there that can match the functionality, ease-of-use and reputation of BackupAssist v9.

About BackupAssist

Based out of Melbourne, Australia, all versions of BackupAssist v9 have been developed through Cortex IT Labs. With a presence that spans nearly 150 different countries, including the United States and Australia, Cortex IT Labs focuses on data protection for small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises. Moreover, they've worked with a number of governmental organizations and academic institutions.

For more information regarding BackupAssist, Cortex IT Labs or any of their other solutions, please visit their official website at The company also maintains profiles on all of the most popular social media sites of today, including Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, interested parties can find out more information about BackupAssist via their official blog, which is located at


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