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Backupify Offers Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

According to Backupify’s website, over 7,000 businesses protect their software as a service data with Backupify’s backup, restore and archive solution. These clients include PG Magazine, Tumblr and Xero.

The company offers three products: Backupify for Google Apps, Salesforce, and Social Media. Let’s take a look at each of them in turn.

Backupify for Google Apps allows you to take control of your Google Apps domain with automatic and daily backups of your Google services. This includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar and more. All of this can be easily restored with one-click.

All you need to do is install Backupify on your domain via the Google Apps Marketplace and everything will be taken care for. The Google Apps API will be queried daily and searched for the most recently added and edited files. This data will then be duplicated to an encrypted archive on Amzon S3. These copies will then be available to restore from, should the need arise, through Backupify’s web interface.

A Professional plan costs $3 per month per user, which includes one backup a day. An Enterprise plan costs $4 per month per user and offers three backups a day, plus unlimited admin users, API access and configurable data retention. Finally, the Enterprise+ plan costs $990 a month per domain, ideal for larger enterprises. This also offers three daily backups, but only 1TB storage (additional storage costs $90 per 100GB).

Backupify for Salesforce provides automatic and daily backup for your Salesforce data. It can protect against data loss, eliminate time spent managing backups and reduce storage costs on Salesforce. Salesforce often stores businesses customer details, purchase histories, quotes, contracts, invoices and more. Data stored on Salesforce is undoubtedly important and should be backed up.

Linking your Backupify account to Salesforce will allow the program to take a daily backup of your data. It will check what the recently added and edited Salesforce objects and files are, and then copy that data to an Amazon S3 cloud facility. These backups can then be restored through the Backupify web interface.

A Basic plan costs $99 a month and allows for 50 Salesforce users (additional at $2 per user). It will store your backup history for three months. A Professional plan costs $199 a month and allows for 200 users (additional at $2 per user). It stores your backup history for six months. Finally, the Enterprise plan costs $499 a month for 500 users (you’ll need to contact Backupify for additional users). The benefit of this plan is that your backup history is unlimited.

The third and final product is Backupify for Social Media, which covers Facebook and Twitter. Data loss on social media could perhaps occur due to malicious intent or user error. Again, linking your Backupify account to Facebook and Twitter will allow the service to run a daily backup.

A Professional plan costs $99 a month and allows for 10 social media accounts and 50GB of storage. An Enterprise plan costs $299 a month and allows for 50 social media accounts and 500GB of storage.

Google Apps, Salesforce and social media may not be the first things that come to mind for your backup plan, but you might need to consider them. If you do, Backupify seems like a good choice. Their service comes with a 15 day trial, so give it a spin and see if it suits your backup needs.


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