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Bacula4 Expands IT Solutions to the Business World

Bacula4 is a commercial-centric, open source solution for backing up and archiving data. Providing secure enterprise-specific services and support, Bacula4 is capable of safeguarding data from all of the most popular servers, operating systems, databases and cloud environments. Considered as one of the most widely used open source backup and recovery suites by IT administrators around the world, Bacula4 currently serves as one of the most trusted and reliable solutions available today.

As if this wasn't enough, Bacula4's latest announcement, which came in February of 2015, showcases their plan to increase organizational accessibility to software that was once available only to dedicated webhosts Moreover, their new data plans are available with only one single cost. Gone are the days of paying increased rates for access to additional storage space. With Bacula4, enterprises are not subject to any additional costs for data backup or storage, even as their needs increase in the future.

To bolster their customer base even further, Bacula4Business can be utilized via Bacula4's own servers or within an in-house system. The solution can also be applied to cloud-based servers and virtual machines, making it one of the most comprehensive applications of its kind. Restorations can even be made at the file or block level of a drive or system. Such functionality gives IT administrators complete control over their organization's data while still upholding stringent standards of security and quality.

Andrew Rouchotas, Bacula4's CEO, touted his company's service in a recent press release. He was quoted as saying: “The enterprise backup space has long been known for high prices and low user friendliness, making it ripe for disruption. “We have many years experience building backup solutions for web hosting and cloud providers, who have some of the most complex and demanding data backup requirements in the world. Bacula4Business brings the advanced backup technology we developed for the web services industry to business — it’s easy to use, inexpensive, and provides unbeatable levels of data control and protection.”

As mentioned earlier, Bacula4Business is compatible with nearly all of the major operating systems, database applications, virtual machines and cloud platforms in use today. This includes operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and BSD, database systems such as MySQL and MSSQL, virtual platforms such as VMWare, KVM and XEN as well as cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google, Rackspace, Cartika and more. With such interconnectivity, it's easy to see why an enterprise might choose Bacula4Business to handle all of the data backup and recovery needs.

Bacula4's commitment to the industry cannot be denied. While they are still a relatively young company, they already making huge waves across the industry. For more information on Bacula4, Bacula4Business or any of their other products, visit their website at Here you'll find a full catalog of product listings, a brief history about the company and specific contact information. Current users of Bacula4 products can also maintain their own account here, which lets them receive technical support, access user forums and more.


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