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Barracuda Backup Adds Replication Support for AWS

Barracuda Backup is one of the most popular and longest-running data backup and recovery programs within the cloud today – and it’s expected to keep that foothold for years to come. Putting aside its functionality, which consists of virtualization, inline deduplication and much more, the developers are constantly adding new features to improve its competitiveness – including the recent introduction of data replication within the AWS cloud.

A Move That Was Years in the Making

For users of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Barracuda, the newly introduced replication features couldn’t have came soon enough. Prior to the announcement, which was delivered in mid-2017, the only data replication functionality offered to Barracuda users consisted of remote physical appliances, remote virtual appliances and Barracuda’s proprietary cloud service.

Rod Mathews, Barracuda’s senior vice president and general manager, read a prepared announcement that stated, in part: ''“Barracuda's current replication technology allows organizations to securely and efficiently send data to the Barracuda Cloud or another backup appliance with minimal configuration. The new release gives customers and resellers adopting public cloud the flexibility to replicate data to AWS with the same simplicity -- providing a choice of deployment options with the ability to maintain ownership and control of cloud data.”

Maintaining Control Over Your Data

Apart from providing increased flexibility in your data backup strategy, the move provides numerous other benefits as well. Users will still maintain control of their data, even as it resides in the cloud, and they’ll be able to maintain compliance with any applicable standards, too.

Barracuda’s Christine Berry explained this in a recent blog post by saying:
“AWS customers have complete control over their assets in the public cloud, all the way down to the geographic location of where the S3 bucket resides. If you are restricted by compliance issues, this option may simplify your infrastructure and cut costs on your data protection.”

Freeing Up Valuable Resources

The newly introduced functionality doesn’t require any additional utilities or resources, which is a huge bonus for users of Barracuda and AWS. It’s also easily configured by anyone with even an entry-level education on cloud infrastructure.

A statement issued by Barracuda reads, in part:
“Resellers and customers who have a basic understanding of AWS infrastructure will be able to set up replication quickly, and no cloud-side tuning will be required on the part of the customer. Users who are familiar with Barracuda solutions will find the same easy-to-use Barracuda Cloud Control administration console.”''

Moving Forward With Barracuda and AWS

With the relationship between Barracuda and AWS just getting started, it’s anybody’s guess where the future will take them. They’re setting their collective sites rather small at first, at least given the massive scale of both individual companies, but is this just the beginning of something larger to come? Only time will tell for sure. To find out more information about Barracuda, please visit their official website at {{|}}. For further details on AWS, head over to their website at {{|}}.


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