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The Barracuda Backup Server 390

Originally launched in August 2013, the Barracuda Backup Server 390 is a versatile, user-friendly and efficient approach to achieving total data protection at the enterprise level. Meant to safeguard critical information through proven backup, recovery and redundancy methodologies while still offering a simplified approach to data management, the Barracuda Backup Server 390 is an IT administrator's best friend.


One of the most useful features of the Barracuda Backup Server 390 is its compatibility. Capable of working with systems running Windows Server 2003, Windows Storage Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista and Windows XP, the device provides an ideal solution for users of Windows-based operating systems. Conversely, the Barracuda Backup Server 390 is also compatible with other systems, including Mac, VMware, Hyper-V, Linux, Unix, NetWare, SQL, Exchange and various server applications. This level of system compatibility ensures that nearly everyone can find a place for the Barracuda Backup Server 390 in their system architecture.

Technical Specifications

The Barracuda Backup Server 390 boasts some pretty impressive specifications for a unit of its size and price range. Available with a mirrored pair of 1 TB SATA hard drives, which offers a maximum capacity of 500 GB for backup, as well as Gigabit Ethernet functionality, the Barracuda Backup Server 390 is easily integrated into most existing enterprise networks.


Several key features seen in the Barracuda Backup Server 390 are sure to appeal to IT professionals throughout the industry. Fully automated backups can be configured to operate on a strict schedule, and the unit includes local backup and restoration options to maximize efficiency.

Furthermore, multiple encryption layers, including AES 256-bit encryption, are used when storing your data at Barracuda's offsite location. This broad range of security ensures the long-term safety of your critical information. In addition, a comprehensive redundant replication process is performed through disk-based hardware, which ultimately provides you with a total of three full backups between your local devices and your offsite storage.

Finally, the Barracuda Backup Server 390, as well as all of their subscription-based backup services, are fully compliant with any and all applicable regulations. This includes HIPAA standards within the healthcare sector, Gramm-Leach-Bliley regulations within the financial sector and common rules within other industries, as well.


IT administrators that require more storage space than a single Barracuda Backup Server 390 can provide will find it easy to integrate additional units into their system. This process, referred to as system scalability, accommodates for enterprise growth and development in the future.

Pricing and Availability

The initial hardware cost of the Barracuda Backup Server 390 carries a manufacturer's suggested price tag of just under $2,500, though bargain packages and deals for bulk orders are available. Ongoing subscription prices, which cover the cost of offsite storage and, in some cases, cloud accessibility, vary depending on the exact plan you choose. In addition, various update plans, which offer hourly firmware updates that ensure the performance of the Barracuda Backup Server 390, can also be purchased.

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