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How One Hollywood Studio Recently Switched to the StorageHeaven TapeMaster Solution

While the might not immediately ring any bells, you've likely seen a product or two of the brand Big Breakfast. They produce hit television shows like Adam Ruins Everything and Hot Date, as well as multimedia content exclusively for the online audience – and they've recently deployed the StorageHeaven TapeMaster-SA Automated Standalone LTO / LTFS Ultrium Tape Migration and Cloning System to fulfill their data backup needs. It's a move that will reduce their costs by more than 50% when compared to modern alternatives.

It's easy to see how a company like Big Breakfast would accumulate massive amounts of digital information. Between filming, editing and producing content in various digital mediums, long-term data storage and backup is of the topmost priority.

According to Mark Chernausek, IT engineer with Big Breakfast: "We began our research back in May 2017 and we decided on the Storage Heaven TapeMaster as it fits our need for an offline easy to use standalone LTO duplication and migration solution. In addition to their manual devices they also had fully automated which is ideal for us since we wanted to clone our tapes 24/7 with the least amount of labor and operator intervention as possible."

He continued his statement by touching on the ease-of-installation and accessibility of StorageHeaven's solutions by saying: "It took no more than a couple hours to set up in our data center and we never had to engage StorageHeaven support to go to full production."

Enter StorageHeaven

The team with StorageHeaven are no strangers to the niche of data storage. Originally founded in 1992, they've grown and evolved along with the industry and they currently specialize in high-end solutions for use in next-gen information technology, data forensics and digital entertainment content. As such, they were a natural choice to meet the needs of a studio like Big Breakfast.

A vice president of sales and marketing with StorageHeaven spoke about their newest customer while highlighting the growing interest in their services in general, saying: "With the growing use of Ultrium LTO technology in media and entertainment organizations, there is corresponding increase in demand for tools that enable rapid migration and cloning of LTO media. We are thrilled that Big Breakfast selected TapeMaster-SA for this project and look forward to supporting them as their media archive needs grow."

Overland-Tandberg, a company specializing in data management, backup and archival via modern cloud platforms, has recently offered their NEO LTO Tape Automation service to the LTO migration and deduplication solutions of StorageHeaven.

Dave Oscher, vice president of North America sales for Overland-Tandberg, stated: ''"We share in StorageHeaven's commitment to provide customers with the most cost-effective solutions without any compromise to performance or service."''

Finding Out More Information

To find out more information about the team at Big Breakfast, please visit their official website at For more details on StorageHeaven, including information on any of the products or solutions they offer, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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