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Bitcasa and Security Services

In the cloud hosting industry, which is growing by leaps and bounds, Bitcasa is a company with a particular approach and reputation that’s getting a lot of attention as a leader in data security, and a firm with an eye toward customer privacy. By offering unique cloud hosted systems that give files and data a secure level of user-to-cloud security, Bitcasa is bringing to market something that lots of customers want: a way to back up infinite data in a remote space without worrying about unauthorized access.

Bitcasa Security Principles

As mentioned in the Bitcasa blog, the company has constructed a particular security process for the files that clients send to the cloud. This superior process ensures that there are no opportunities for employees or others to “sneak a peek” at data along the way. The principle behind this plan is that users are the owners of their content, and that their data should not be ‘shared by default’ but kept secure until they choose to share it.

What happens with Bitcasa is that files and folders get encrypted before the data ever leaves the user’s computer. Using industry-standard AES-256 encryption protocols, Bitcasa takes in data in secure “blocks” that are encrypted for privacy, so that as these files make their way to their eventual storage destination, they do so “disguised” against any accidental access by anyone who happens to be handling them.

Cloud Industry Issues

Part of the reason that firms like Bitcasa design these comprehensive security protocols is that many users are worried about security when they send their files to a remote destination. Not all cloud hosting firms provide these ironclad security strategies, and users contracting their data storage out to a third party vendor can feel less than secure about the way their files will be handled.
Experts within the industry encourage those who are buying or signing on for cloud hosted services to ask vendors about their specific security practices. Access and security are two main pillars of a cloud hosting design, and big issues that should be talked about before a deal is signed. Clients need to know what security protocols are in place for their data, how security works, and what will be done to protect them from any leaks or security breaches.

Infinite Storage in the Cloud

With Bitcasa, users can enjoy a secure cloud hosting experience that allows for 100% file backup for images, text and anything else sitting on a hard drive. Cloud hosting offers the ultimate convenience of having remote records that the user can access at any time, without having to manage physical storage on computers, mobile devices, or peripheral items like flash drives or smart SD cards. With Bitcasa services, all of a user’s valuable information is in one place, with easy custom interfaces for bringing that data back to a computer or mobile screen. That gives the individual customer all of the functionality of the cloud, with none of the headache.


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