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Charge Your Phone and Backup Your Data At the Same Time with Bleep

Have you ever wanted to backup the data on your smartphone while it's charging? If you are one of the individuals who have, look no further. Thanks to a recently successful Indiegogo campaign, the developers of a brand new device, known as Bleep, have made it possible. In fact, they were able to pass their initial goal of $20,000 with nearly two months left in their fundraising initiative.

The Inventor

Maayan Goyan is currently an electrical engineering student at Tel-Aviv University in Israel, but he still found the time to invent the Bleep. Goyan is taking a rather simplistic approach to his new invention, as he classifies smartphone users into one of two castes: "those who know how to back up their phones, and those who know someone else," according to Goyan.

The homepage for Bleep's Indiegogo campaign reads, in part: "Today, with our crucial information stored in our smartphone, backup became a must have. My view is that the solution to backing up our phone data has to be on a simple, routine basis. We have to combine phone back up with something we do normally with our phones."

How It Works

Bleep provides an incredibly user-friendly and streamlined approach to backing up your data while charging your phone simultaneously. The backup process, as well as the charging process, begins as soon as the phone is plugged into the special Bleep cable. It immediately begins to sync your files, including photos, personal contacts, videos and more, directly to flash-based storage within the device itself. Furthermore, you can choose to protect your archived data with a password of your choice.

The Bleep utilizes a USB interface, which plugs into a standard power outlet via the USB wall charger. This completely eliminates the need for a PC or network connection, and it also makes sure your data stays out of the hands of hackers and identify thieves.


Because Bleep has already surpassed its funding goal via Indiegogo, Goyan has announced a public availability date of August 2015. The initial product launch will feature the Bleep in capacities of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. The device can currently be preordered at Indiegogo, which features a price that is 20% less than the expected retail price once the Bleep finally does hit the consumer market. The Bleep will feature support for both Apple and Android devices, and it will feature a free app for managing backups, initiating data recoveries and phone charging options.


As mentioned, Goyan has already surpassed his goal of $20,000. Since the campaign is scheduled to last until late October of 2014, he has established a secondary goal of $100,000, which will go toward further development and production. To contribute to the crowdfunding operation and reserve your own Bleep, you can visit the campaign page at Here you'll find various funding options, as well as various incentives such as a free USB wall charger, a free carrying case and discounts on bulk purchase orders. Shipping is free for addresses located in the U.S. and Israel.


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