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blogVault WordPress Backup Review

If you run a WordPress blog then you are going to be concerned about all of your content. It’s only natural and completely sensible. WordPress is the number one blogging platform and as such there are many different methods for backing up your content. WordPress does offer a free option that lets you download your database, but it isn’t nearly as comprehensive enough as you’ll need. Plugins, theme modifications, media and formatting will need to be totally recreated. That’s a huge inconvenience and so other tools sprang up to make things easier. One of these is blogVault. This article will take a look at blogVault and see whether it is worth entrusting your blog’s security with it.
First, let’s have a look at what features blogVault will offer you. The most important part is that it keeps an archive of all backups from the last 30 days. If your blog gets compromised or you accidentally delete some data, you can simply select the date that you want to rollback to. One handy feature is that you can test the restore on the site before deploying it publically. This will make sure it’s going to fix things rather than making anything worse.
Other great features include being able to migrate your site to a new domain or subdomain within moments. This is something that could take a whole lot longer normally, but blogVault makes it a breeze. It also allows you to restore single files, like an image for example, rather than the whole blog – great if you accidentally remove something. Finally, you can choose to keep a copy of your backups on Dropbox for an extra layer of security, just in case you lose the original copies.
blogVault is very easy to install and use and is brilliant for those who want to take something off their mind. The tool is fully automated and will work in the background without any input. The only problem is that using it does come with a price. There are various different pricing levels depending on your needs. The first of these is charged at $9 a month (or $89 a year) which is perfect for individual bloggers and small businesses. It can only be used on a single site. The next package is $19 a month ($199 a year) and better suited for professional bloggers or those with multiple business sites. This can be used on up to 3 sites and also comes with priority chat and email support. The final package is $39 a month ($399 a year) and is for businesses, media entities, marketers, web hosts and developers. This offers support for up to 7 sites.
Although some people may be put off at paying, you have to consider the opportunity cost. If you lost all your data then it is going to cost at least a lot of time in order to try and restore or rebuild that. If you are a business then that means lost custom, a sum which could total to more than the price for blogVault itself.


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