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Bocada Releases Version 9.7 of Popular Reporting Software

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Kirkland, WA, Bocada is no stranger to data protection, backup and reporting. In fact, the recent update to Bocada Reporting Software, version 9.7, draws upon actual customer feedback to provide enhanced functionality and usability.

Seen in previous versions, the NetWorker Virtual Reporting plugin is now compatible with vCenter servers, thereby making it easier to achieve data synchronicity between NetWorker and vCenter. Moreover, virtual machines in the system are seen as individual and separate backup devices, thereby strengthening your backup reports even more.

Bocada 9.7 also enables the pruning of policy data. This lets IT administrators parse old, outdated or unnecessary information as a means of reclaiming resources and increasing overall system performance.

Remember, all of this new functionality comes on top of the features already present in Bocada's popular backup reporting software. In addition to a plethora of useful features, Bocada also offers tons of helpful information and backup strategies.

A recent blog post, delivered via their official blog, summarized some key features by stating: "Bocada’s backup reporting tool provides a wealth of information that backup professionals can use to efficiently manage backup operations. The highly configurable reports allow users to perform in-depth data protection and reporting analysis. The agentless architecture makes Bocada extremely scalable and deployable in the most complex backup environments. Bocada supports both physical and virtual views and makes report publishing much more convenient than manual processes or the built-in reporting capabilities of the backup products."

Upon installing the product, users are immediately given the opportunity to choose between 70 standard report templates. Basic reporting options include job trends, backup health, backup activity, backup trends, executive summaries, SQL and more. These documents can even be customized to meet your company's exact needs.

The software relies on an agentless backup protocol to offer intuitive, out-of-the-box performance as well as centralized management of data collection and backup scheduling. IT administrators who wish to customize the software to match their system and the needs of their company also have that option.

Bocada supports a wide variety of systems, including the most popular releases by IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Symantec, Veeam, EMC, Veritas, VMware and more. Not only does this ensure that the utility is available to as many different users and enterprises as possible, but it also makes it easier to find technical support if it is ever needed. Bocada even offers a generic application plugin, or GAP, which provides compatibility with any backup software that supports CSV exports.

An unidentified backup manager with a popular Fortune 500 company in the industry of consumer packaged goods, explained how they use Bocada Backup Reporting to maintain efficiency on a day-to-day basis by saying: "We have 4,000 servers globally that we have to provide SLA reporting on. Before Bocada I would spend 4 to 5 days per month downloading and compiling reports. Now I spend maybe 20 minutes on SLA reporting."

To find out more information on Bocada, including details on their industry-leading backup reporting software, please refer to their official website at


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