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Boston Dynamic's Programmable AI Dog, Spot, Now Available to Buyers

The technology driving artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way in a very short amount of time. From its earliest days in colleges and universities to more modern applications in video gaming and even "smart" home appliances, AI is transforming our day-to-day lives in ways we never thought possible – and they're getting even more sophisticated with time.

Such is the case with Boston Dynamics' newest innovation, Spot – a robotic, AI-powered dog that is already turning heads around the world. But the best part of all is that Spot is currently in production and available to customers – as long as you own a business with enough capital to afford one.

Meet Spot

Currently available in Boston Dynamics' early adopter program, Spot is currently reserved for businesses and organizations that are able to utilize the robot in fun and exciting ways. It also costs as much as some luxury cars.

Marc Raibert, CEO with Boston Dynamics, spoke about this in a recent interview by saying: "What we’re doing is the productization of Spot. It’s really a milestone for us going from robots that work in the lab to these that are hardened for work out in the field."

The current AI platform in Spot is capable of making the robot walk, trot, overcome certain obstacles, climb or descend stairs and even more. It's comprised of mainly customized, proprietary hardware, including multiple compute boards, sensor modules, motors, and more. The current model is capable of operating for a full 90 minutes on a single charge.

But that's not all. Additional hardware can be integrated into the base model, thereby giving it extra functionality. One such addition includes a mechanical arm that offers six degrees of movement. Another comes in the form of multiple cameras – referred to as SpotCam – that can be used to transmit real-time images and videos back to a remote location.

Spot's controls are also incredibly intuitive. Raibert continued by saying: "You don’t really see what that is like until you’re operating the joystick and you go over a box and you don’t have to do anything. Our controller is designed to understand what that state is and have different controls depending upon the case."

Taking Inspiration from the Past

While this isn't the first time we've seen a robotic dog in action, it is the most sophisticated. Some consumers might remember Sony's AIBO, which were available from the mid 90s until 2006 and re-introduced in 2016.

However, AIBO isn't nearly as advanced as its newer counterpart. Designed specifically for the mainstream consumer market, AIBO still features a hefty price tag of nearly $3,000. Although the price of Boston Dynamics' Spot isn't available to the public, it's safe to say that it costs considerably more.

Spot is currently being used by at least one law enforcement agency in the United States; the Massachusetts State Police. To find out more information about Spot, including details on the various uses and applications for the robotic K9, visit their official website at


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