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Box Bolsters Cloud Functionality On Behalf of Their Customers

Formerly known as, Box provides online file sharing and content management solutions for businesses and enterprises throughout the world. Although they currently provide as much as 10 gigabytes of free storage space to their personal account holders, with more available through their "freemium" pricing model, Box has recently expanded its efforts to offer a plethora of new apps and technological solutions to their customers.

Mobile Accessibility

Through their annual industry event, BoxWorks, the team with Box introduced a number of new additions to the current line of service offerings. Box's recent unveiling included brand new content, greater integration, increased support for content-specific collaboration and even mobile accessibility.

Known as Box Capture, the iOS-specific app is meant to network content that is generated in the field and integrate it into critical business functionality. This lets employees share digital images, videos or documents as they are collecting them in the field.

BoxWorks has legitimate uses in other areas and industries, as well. For example, those within the retail sector can take advantage of BoxWorks to monitor internal auditing and inventory processes. Workers within the healthcare industry can easily share images and documents with their contacts while maintaining HIPPA compliance at all times.

Further Updates

Box has also increased compatibility for previewing content within the cloud by adding support for HD video, interactive 3D media and DICOM imagery. They have also announced their plans to support the transitioning of digital text to interactive images and multimedia-laden user experiences.

Additionally, Box revealed support for three more native integrations, including Adobe Document Cloud, DocuSign and Autodesk A360. Thanks to this update, Box customers will now be able to work with files in addition to Microsoft Office Online.

Furthermore, Box also unveiled two new offerings for their Box Platform, including Developer and Enterprise editions. The new functionality is expected to bolster brand development through custom-built solutions that are completed in tandem with customers as well as key partners.

New Customers and Partners

Co-founder of Box, Aaron Levie, spoke about the way that new technology is affecting the day-to-day operations of businesses and enterprises operating in the 21st century. He was quoted as saying: "The last decade of IT has focused on driving innovation and productivity inside organizations, but cloud and mobile are also completely redefining how businesses can deliver new services and experiences to customers and partners. Now is the time for enterprises to build new digital experiences that transform their business."

In fact, Amadeus, an industry-leading provider of IT solutions in the global travel sector, recently announced the implementation of Box's own content management platform to complement its current workforce of 13,000 individuals across the globe.

Alexandre Cabaud, vice president of Global Business Services with Amadeus, explained how the Box platform is expected to help his company. He was quoted as saying: "Moving to the Box platform with Accenture provides increased efficiency, security and simplicity for our employees, and helps our organization be even more productive and effective in working with our customers and partners."


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