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Taylor Made Computer Solutions To Utilize BYOD Backup

Data backup technology is always growing and evolving. One of the most recent trends, referred to as bring-your-own-device or BYOD, means employees are able to bring their own smartphones, laptops and mobile devices to the workplace in lieu of devices owned and distributed by the company itself. This is a concept that has already caught on around the world, but there are some major concerns around individual employees using their personal devices to connect to secure corporate networks. Taylor Made Computer Solutions, a UK-based IT consultation firm that was quick to embrace the new concept, is already dealing with the pros and cons of BYOD.

BYOD Security Risks

Taylor Made Computer Solutions, as well as other companies that are taking advantage of the BYOD trend, have reported numerous benefits. Equipment costs are obviously much less for a BYOD company, as they won't have to cover the bill for dozens or even hundreds of mobile devices, but there are some risks associated with BYOD as well.

Tim Walker, managing director at Taylor Made Computer Solutions spoke highly of the BYOD concept in the initial press release. He did point out, however, the concern of security and BYOD accessibility.

“The flexibility that ‘bring your own device’ policies offer businesses can be extremely empowering, both for staff and IT administrators. However, it does come with some significant challenges. It’s vital that businesses take a number of precautions to ensure that the policy does not impact their data security." Walker said.

Cyber crime expert Tim Francis, who also serves as second vice president for Travelers Bond & Financial Products in Hartford, Connecticut, broadcasted some common security issues involved with the BYOD concept.

“Less security comes when employees bring their own device. Small, medium and large business owners should seriously consider not doing it.” Francis supported his statement by saying, "When someone is using their own device they are far more likely to be a little bit more cavalier with security. There’s often a legitimate conflict between the security needs and requirements in the employment setting and the ability for the employee to use the device for their own personal stuff."

Taylor Made Computer Solutions deals with security in a number of ways. Not only do they maintain and publicize their complete BYOD policy, but they also employ additional software, including a proprietary application called Securo Online Backup and Recovery, to safeguard information for long-term storage.

Threats of Malware and Spam

Malicious software, including viruses and backdoors, as well as unwanted emails, are another big threat associated with the BYOD concept. Because employees are able to install anything they want on their own personal devices, including games and applications, employers have no way of knowing if their servers are being exposed to malware, viruses or other threats coming from the devices of the staff members.

Joe Schumacher, security consultant at the security firm Neohapsis, summarized this problem by saying, “They can download apps and not understand how it works and the next thing you know you are getting spams at your business."


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