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The Cable That Backs Up Devices While Charging

Smartphone manufacturers are iterating on their devices all the time. Changes could include a slimmer form, improving the camera or offering a higher resolution screen. The one thing that seems to remain constant and barely improved upon is the battery life. Many smartphones will, at best, last a full day from a device that is often used. Charging, then, is an activity that is constantly taking place, so why not innovate on it? That’s precisely what a company from Israel have done, although perhaps not in the way you’d expect.

The Bleep is a bright green cable that not only charges your device as normal, but also backs up the data stored on the device. It’s currently seeking funding on Indiegogo and, at time of writing, is set to reach the funding goal of $20000 with ease.

One end of the Bleep cable is a standard USB output and this goes into your charger. The other is a microUSB and this goes into your phone. So far, so like a normal charger. However, the difference here is that the Bleep will automatically begin backing up your data as soon as you begin charging. The USB also houses a memory chip that will store your device’s data, like photos, videos and WhatsApp information.

The Bleep will be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Early backers will be able to get the charger at a special discounted price, along with other perks available for viewing on Indiegogo.

Users simply install the free Bleep app to their Android or iOS device in order to manage their backups. To send the data to another phone, simply plug in, type in your password and the data will be transferred.

The app allows users to switch between charging only, backup and charge or recover. Users can also set passwords, manage your backups based on how much free space is available and upload directly to the cloud through a single button press.

There’s no need for an internet connection for the main backing up function, which means that as long as you can get somewhere with electricity to charge your device then you’ll have a backup of your data.

Backups should only take a couple of minutes, although the initial backup will take longer as it’ll have to copy everything over fresh.

The Bleep can also just act as a standard memory stick for computers and smartphones if preferred, but this probably isn’t getting the most out of the product. If that’s the aim then there are cheaper, alternative products that will do that job without the backup feature.

Bleep was founded by Maayan Goren, a student of Electrical Enginering, and the rest of the team is apparently mostly made up of family members. The timeline on the Indiegogo page lists the product as aiming to be shipped by Q3 of 2015, with other stages like circuit design, QA testing and packaging taking place in the quarters preceding.

If interested in the product then be sure to visit the {{|Indiegogo page}} where you can find out more and, if desired, make a pledge.


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