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Carbonite Acquires Datacastle to Strengthen Presence in Data Backup Market

Many people immediately associate the word “carbonite” with the substance that was used to freeze Hans Solo in Star Wars, but the team behind the Carbonite online backup service is quickly making their own reputation in the niche of data storage and recovery. They’ve won countless awards and they have products available for consumers and small businesses alike, although options in the latter category have been lacking – until recently.

An Important Series of Acquisitions

Carbonite acquired Datacastle in August 2017, marking the fourth acquisition since their new CEO took over the company in 2014; a shortlist of others include Code42, EVault and Double Take Software. They’ve also built a centralized framework – dubbed One Carbonite – to manage all of their IT services and solutions.

Joe Payne, president and CEO with Code42, explained his company’s own reasons for accepting the acquisition by saying: “The needs of home consumers and business customers are rapidly diverging, and we made the strategic decision to focus exclusively on the business market due to the unique value we provide to businesses of all sizes and the hyper-growth we are experiencing in that segment.”

The company made no less than four significant acquisitions during 2017, and they might be eying more as the year comes to a close. While it’s anybody’s guess as to what moves they’ll make in the coming weeks, months or years, it’s safe to say they’re dedicated to improving their services across the board. In fact, when you look back at the history of their company, it’s something they’ve been doing all along.

Bolstering Cloud Support and More

Apart from strengthening their presence in the data backup market, Carbonite hopes their recent round of acquisitions will help them maintain competitiveness in the current cloud computing market. They’re keeping Datacastle’s entire roster – approximately 20 workers – to assist with future cloud operations.

Norma Guadagno, senior vice president of marketing with Carbonite, spoke about the recent acquisition of Datacastle and their potential to impact their cloud-based solutions. He said: “The team there was very knowledgeable about the cloud infrastructure that is provided by Microsoft and Amazon Web Services,” and: “We’re really in a place where it has been transformational for the company.”''

Carbonite has undergone a massive transformation since their initial launch in 2005. Originally specializing in digital imaging backup and packaged as bundled software with new digital cameras, the company quickly gained popularity by forging partnerships and constantly expanding their service. It’s been more than a decade, but the company is still up to their old tricks – and experiencing tremendous success as a result.

Looking Toward the Future

Carbonite is already looking toward the future. They’re hoping to expand their offerings in the niche of data protection in 2018, which will likely come in the way of new analytical capabilities and enhanced network security. To find out more information about Carbonite, including details on any of the products or services they currently offer, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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