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Overview of Carbonite Server Backup

Known as a leading provider of data security and protection services, the team with Carbonite certainly has a lot of work on their hands. Many rely on their personal solutions as a means of safeguarding family photos, contact information and personal files, but Carbonite offers a range of services meant to secure large amounts of data, too. In fact, their Server Backup service is meant specifically for enterprises who wish to secure their data under the Carbonite name.

According to Carbonite, approximately 50% of small businesses never recover after a disaster. However, many of these companies could have been saved through proper data protection and security. Plans such as the Carbonite Server Pro Bundle Plan, which protect both servers and workstations, could have served as the lifeline needed to get some of these companies back on track.


Built with compatibility as a top priority, the Carbonite Server Backup solution supports physical and virtual servers, database systems, live applications, NAS devices, Hyper-V and even external hard drives. Moreover, Carbonite Server Backup supports HIPAA standards, thereby ensuring compliance with industry rules and regulations.

Specific systems supported by Carbonite Server Backup include Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008, 2005 and 2000; Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003; Microsoft SharePoint 2013, 2010, MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0; Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online; MySQL Server 5.x; Oracle Server 1.1i and 1.1g; Hyper-V: Windows Server; Windows NTFS and ReFS data and Windows system state data, which includes information stored in the registry and Active Directory.

Cloud-Based Backup

Carbonite’s Server Backup solution utilizes hybrid, local and cloud environments in order to provide multiple layers of data protection. This allows you to initiate a recovery from your localized archive while maintaining the integrity and security of archives within the cloud. If the local storage site experiences data loss, company data will still be available on the cloud.

Hot Backup

The Server Backup service from Carbonite also offers the convenience of performing hot backups. This lets users maintain 100% server uptime around the clock, even during scheduled backup periods. To complement this, Carbonite’s Server Backup solution allows for full customization of individual backup schedules. This ensures the archival of recent data while still ensuring that the backup schedule accommodates the day-to-day operations of a company.
Email Archiving

On top of the comprehensive data backup and archival functionality of Carbonite Server Backup, users can also benefit from efficient email archiving services through Mailstore. Now a part of the Carbonite family, Mailstore is currently in use by more than 25,000 organizations spread throughout 100 different countries across the globe. A highly customizable email archival platform, it is compatible with nearly all email systems and backup methods.

More Information

To find out more information, please visit Here you’ll be able to try a 30-day risk-free trial of Carbonite’s Server Backup Solution, read case studies involving actual Carbonite customers and view a complete listing of the Carbonite family of products and services. Alternatively, those who would rather speak to a live company representative with Carbonite can do so by calling 855-227-2249.


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