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Cloud Daddy Secure Backup Receives Upgrade to Version 1.4

Touted as the world's most secure, AWS-native data protection solution available today, the Cloud Daddy Secure Backup utility, or CDSB, has recently received an update. Not only does this effectively change the current version to 1.4, but it includes several notable features that customers are sure to find useful.

Joe Merces, founder and CEO of Cloud Daddy, introduced the new update in a recent press release by stating: "The latest version 1.4 of Cloud Daddy Secure Backup extends Cloud Daddy superiority in providing modern and intuitive data protection on AWS. Cloud Daddy, compared to the competition, provides more than just backup and offers a better, modern user interface, no confusing policy settings, intuitive backup wizard, infrastructure management features, combined with advanced security countermeasures, for a superior data protection solution that you’ll pay less money for, while receiving much greater value."

Specifically, Cloud Daddy Secure Backup version 1.4 includes many enhancements over previous iterations, including:

- Support for automated AWS instance scheduling: In an effort to reduce AWS service costs, customers now have the ability to automate and schedule their AWS instances. A brand new graphical user interface (GUI) even lets you monitor activities after they've been automated.

- The ability to implement self-backup functionality within CDSB: Another feature that is brand new to CDSB, the self-backup feature provides extra security from modern cyberattacks and an improved chance of successfully restoring your system after the fact.

- An improved infrastructure dashboard: To provide even more visibility, CDSB 1.4 provides a comprehensive dasbhaord that contains useful stats, including information regarding cost savings.

Miscellaneous upgrades targeting reporting protocols: A bevy of minor tweaks, enhancements, and even additional features were also introduced in CDSB 1.4. This includes new object caching, S3 bucket management, and online assistance were also implemented in the newest version of CDSB. Additionally, various upgrades were made to the WAF and GuardDuty interfaces.

In continuation of his earlier statement, Merces also said: "CDSB not only provides backup of workloads, but also protects those workloads, replications, snapshots, backups and even itself with security technologies in a unique, one of a kind data protection product."

According to their website, Cloud Daddy Secure Backup covers a number of operational areas and responsibilities, including:

- Compliance management

- Integrated data security

- Support for various types of volumes, databases, and clusters

- Enhanced support for Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) as well as Windows Servers
- Data replication and backup support for cross-region and cross-account activities

- Integrated cost-awareness that provides estimates of monthly storage costs before initiating individual jobs and tasks

- Comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms that monitor network traffic and identify suspicious patterns

- Full integration with Amazon GuardDuty, ultimately bolstering your company's ability to detect threats before they happen

To find out more information on Cloud Daddy Secure Backup version 1.4, or for details on any of Cloud Daddy's services and solutions, please visit their official website at {{|}}. Alternatively, current AWS customers can view their online profile at {{|}}.


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