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Open Source Storage Receives a Push from the Ceph Foundation

Although open source technology has been a controversial issue from time to time, it's difficult to ignore the advantages of one of the earliest forms of crowdsourcing. Not only do open source platforms make it possible for young, up-and-coming software developers to build an early portfolio, but many of these independent developers can produce upgrades and fix known bugs even quicker than some of the biggest development studios.

Open source technology isn't just here to stay – it's thriving and growing thanks to companies like ProphetStor and the Ceph Foundation.

What is the Ceph Foundation?

Founded by the professionals at ProphetStor and a collaboration of more than 30 leaders in the IT sector, Ceph aims to build a longstanding, supportive and reputable community around the concept of open sources storage.

To jumpstart development, the Ceph Foundation provides a unified distributed storage platform of their own – known as Ceph – and it's all open source. For maximum versatility, Ceph's open source storage project accommodates applications that work with common block, object and file system interfaces.

Ceph is already used by numerous organizations. A shortlist of users includes financial institutions like Bloomberg and Fidelity, IT service providers including Rackspace and Linode, automotive manufacturers like BMW and many more. It's a comprehensive and versatile platform that features highly useful applications in a bevy of different scenarios.

Sage Weil, co-creator, chief architect and project leader with Ceph, spoke enthusiastically about the recent news by saying: "Today’s launch of the Ceph Foundation is a testament to the strength of a diverse open source community coming together to address the explosive growth in data storage and services."

A dedicated and experienced team of data management professionals is required in order to rein in the explosive growth referred to in the above quote. That's exactly where the team at ProphetStor comes in.

Enter ProphetStor

While ProphetStor is still a young company, having only launched in 2012, they already feature a seasoned team of data storage professionals with expertise spanning artificial intelligence (AI, cloud services, software-based networked storage, and more.

Jeremy Wei, vice president of corporate business development with ProphetStor, attempted to shed some light on the Ceph platform for those who might not be familiar with it. He was quoted as saying: "Ceph is the future of storage. We at ProphetStor are proud to have contributed our machine learning technology to its community to help bring it to the forefront of the storage industry."

But ProphetStor isn't the only member of the Ceph Foundation. Other notable members include Intel, Western Digital, Canonical, China Mobile, Red Hat, SUSE, Digital O, Amihan, OVH, Digital Ocean, and many more. With support from such prolific brands, and with significant development already complete on the Ceph platform, this is surely a development to keep an eye on in the years to come.

For more information on Ceph or the recently launched Ceph Foundation, please visit their official website at {{|}}. To find out more about their largest and most prolific backer, ProphetStor, head over to their official site at {{|}}.


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