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Cirrus Data Spearheads the Launch of Cache-as-a-Service Model

Cirrus Data Solutions is probably best known for providing software solutions for the management and optimization of storage area networks (SANs), but this hasn’t stopped them from branching out into new aspects of the IT sector. Having recently released their new Data Caching Server as well as an innovative cache-as-a-service platform, Cirrus is expected to bolster service on behalf of their partners, including numerous data centers.

What is the Data Caching Server?

Cirrus’ Data Caching Server, based on fibre channel technology, is able to boost the speed of modern data centers. Utilizing a proprietary technology referred to as transparent datapath intercept,the Data Caching Server is easily installed without interruption to service or modification to existing network infrastructure. The Data Caching Server can be installed either permanently or temporarily, depending on the exact needs of the customer.

As described by Wayne Lam, CEO of Cirrus Data, the new functionality provides a new way of increasing the speed of established data centers and server systems. He was quoted as saying: “Our new caching server and service represents a revolutionary way to address the need for speed for database administrators and a unique offering for service providers as the appliances can be installed and removed in a live production environment. Our patented transparent datapath intercept allows for true plug-and-play installation of the appliances within a heterogeneous environment.”

StorageMojo, a company that specializes in the storage and analysis of big data, decided to use Cirrus’ Data Caching Server after properly evaluating its usage. The company’s CEO, Rene Eickoff, was quoted as saying: “We at StorageMojo were looking for a product that addresses the speed craving that many legacy SAN environments are facing today with the ever increasing concurrent access to critical data. We evaluated Data Caching Server and found it to be the perfect product as it responds to all of these challenges. A significant added benefit that came with the product was the fact that the technology built into DCS allows for it to be inserted into any legacy SANs with no-downtime whatsoever and without having to change anything in the SAN.”

What is Cache-as-a-Service?

To put it in its simplest terms, cache-as-a-service gives enterprises the ability to allocate a specific amount of cache, which is stored in its layer, to applications that are used within the application layer. As such, applications are able to access data from their caches as opposed to relying on disk-based database systems. The result is a significant increase in efficiency as well as a reduction in data access times.

Cirrus Data Solutions

Despite their relatively young existence, Cirrus Data Solutions is already making a name for themselves in the IT industry. With a highly skilled and specialized team of researchers, developers, engineers and team managers, Cirrus Data Solutions has already proven successful in the niches of data management, data backup and data recovery. To find out more information about Cirrus Data Solutions, interested parties can visit their website at, which contains a company blog, contact information, actual case studies and more.


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