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How ClearDATA Supports Big Data Storage Within the Healthcare Industry

Big data storage is a growing concern for enterprise users and business owners who rely on the latest information technology to safeguard their data. What some do not realize, however, is the fact that the healthcare industry is also tackling the subject of big data storage. Moreover, they are doing it with the health of ClearDATA Networks, which offers its support exclusively to the healthcare industry.

Who is ClearDATA Networks?

ClearDATA Networks, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is supported by numerous partnerships and investors, including Health Angel and Norwest Venture Partners. This has given ClearDATA the opportunity to establish a presence on both coasts and in the Midwest, which ultimately allows them to maintain a chain-of-custody regarding data storage within their cloud services. This is in full compliance with HIPAA regulations, which require accessibility to physical data storage centers in order to complete regular audits and inspections.

Though some may compare ClearDATA's cloud architecture to that of Amazon Web Services or Windows Azure, it is quite a bit different. For example, while Amazon Web Services processes all of its data within a shared cloud network, regardless of where the data originates, ClearDATA utilizes storage hardware that was specifically built with the healthcare industry in mean. To this extent, ClearDATA provides a much more efficient and reliable method of big data storage when used in hospitals, clinics and other medical settings.

Joe Volpe, a key investor for Merck Global Health Innovation Group, spoke positively about the cloud services available with ClearDATA. He was quoted as saying, "ClearDATA has the potential to be an important data steward for protected health information in the health care industry. As the need to analyze vast amounts of data increases, Big Data presents opportunities to improve patient health."


ClearDATA Networks provides a myriad of services to its clientele within the healthcare industry. They have received a great deal of recognition for the implementation of cloud-based hosting, but their suite of services goes far beyond cloud computing. Offsite data backup and storage, disaster recovery, healthcare-oriented platform-as-a-service, managed services and ongoing technical support are all handled by the IT professionals at ClearDATA.
Recent News

The team at ClearDATA has been at the forefront of numerous news articles as of late, all of which demonstrate their perseverance and dedication to healthcare-related IT. The team raised approximately $7MM in August of 2013 in order to strengthen their cloud service capabilities. Moreover, ClearDATA announced the close of their most recent round of funding, which wrapped up in December of 2013 with a total of $14MM raised for healthcare-related IT services such as cloud computing and big data storage.

ClearDATA has also been in the news for the acquisition of a brand new Chief Financial Officer, Aaron Barfoot. Announced in early 2014, Barfoot is credited with initiating serious financial growth on behalf of his previous company. While serving as vice president of finance for Rackspace Hosting, Barfoot helped increase revenue from $362MM to a total of $1.5B in 2013. He also played a critical role in the support and management of Rackspace Hosting's $188M IPO.


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