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Overview of the Infrascale Cloud Backup Accelerator

Based out of El Segundo, California, Infrascale has been at the forefront of cloud-centric data protection in the 21st century. To this extent, it should come as no surprise that their recent release, the Cloud Backup Accelerator, takes advantage of four brand new innovations: direct-to-cloud backup functionality, purpose-built backup hardware, WAN acceleration and cloud-based gateways. When all of this technology is combined, the result is a cloud backup solution that boasts five times greater recovery speeds, decreased costs and greater bandwidth management capability.

Infrascale is no stranger to cloud computing. Having entered the industry in 2006, the relatively young company has been specializing in cloud services ever since. One of the biggest problems they’ve faced – and the biggest issue they have been trying to overcome – is the issue of cloud bandwidth. With an Internet connection of 25 mbps, for example, it would take as long as four days to copy just five terabytes of information to a cloud server.

The Infrascale Cloud Backup Accelerator comes equipped with a 4 TB hard drive, 16 GB of RAM and two Gigabit Ethernet connections. Thanks to the streamlined framework of the device, it is able to achieve backup rates of 200 GB per hour.

Ken Shaw, CEO of Infrascale, described the reasoning behind the new Infrascale Cloud Backup Accelerator. He was quoted as saying: “We wanted to create a fundamentally new approach to data protection that made it practical to back up and recover large datasets to and from the cloud, quickly and securely. Effectively, we wanted to create the backup equivalent of a set-top box. A set-top box is a local appliance that connects your TV to the Internet and makes it possible to view a seemingly endless amount of online content. Similarly, the Cloud Backup Accelerator is a local device that enables businesses to back up their critical data and quickly stream it to the Cloud for long-term storage and archiving.”

The benefits of the Infrascale Cloud Backup Accelerator do not stop there. With the ability to store an infinite amount of customer data, IT officials are able to take complete control over what data is copied to the cloud and what information stays in local storage. Moreover, thanks to the intelligent cache platform of the Infrascale Cloud Backup Accelerator, data is automatically copied to the cloud when a local storage device becomes full. As such, IT administrators never have to worry about running out of storage space.

Infrascale’s Cloud Backup Accelerator is currently available with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $2,550, which includes the device itself, 1 TB of cloud storage for one year and three years of software upgrades and hardware support. Customers who wish to use Infrascale’s cloud servers will be charged an additional $49.95 per terabyte per month. Other compatible cloud services include Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure platforms.

For more information on Infrascale, including pricing information, details on their other products and more, feel free to visit their official website at


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