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How The Cloud is Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry

The effects of the modern cloud are farther reaching than most people realize. While the application of cloud-oriented software and utilities is quite straightforward in industries that rely on next-gen technology, data sharing and analysis, other professional sectors, such as hospitality, are only beginning to realize the advantages.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Within the Hospitality Industry

Cloud computing within the hospitality industry shares many of the same benefits as other professions. Increased efficiency in point-of-sale hardware helps to eliminate pricing errors and bolster overall accuracy, a streamlined booking engine can reserve or cancel rooms in real time and auxiliary services can even help cultivate business relationships with local attractions, theme parks and stadiums.

Businesses can also use the cloud to strengthen their customer service capabilities. Since the cloud inherently provides for a more customized and personalized experience, customers will have greater accessibility to services and solutions that meet their hospitality needs.

Hotels and restaurants can even use cloud architecture to stay in contact with their guests before, during and after their patronage. By soliciting customer feedback, providing incentives to your valuable patrons and introducing process improvements as they present themselves, you'll be much better poised to maintain your competitiveness within the industry.

One of the biggest benefits, however, comes in the form of big data analysis. Modern cloud infrastructure makes it easier than ever before to collect, collate, process and disseminate such data in a manner that is accessible to managers, employers, customers and partners alike.

Pioneering the Hospitality Cloud

RMS Hospitality Solutions, a leader in the industry since 1985, has recently broke ground on their dedicated Hospitality Cloud. Meant to streamline operations in channel and property management, marketing, statistical analysis and more, approximately 60 percent of the company's customer base has already made the jump to the Hospitality Cloud.

David Jones, global director of sales and marketing with RMS Hospitality Solutions, spoke about the growing embrace of cloud-oriented services within the hospitality sector. He was quoted as saying: "Lodging operators are quickly learning that by leveraging the power of the cloud they can operate more efficiently and much leaner than ever before. Why pay multiple vendors for overlapping services if the same result can be achieved on a unified platform from a single supplier? The Hospitality Cloud is designed to enable operators to run every part of their businesses successfully without maintaining complicated networks or worrying about things like back-ups, updates and data security."

However, RMS isn't alone in the race to establish dedicated cloud services for the hospitality industry. Other popular services offerings include the Oracle Hospitality Cloud, also known as the OPERA cloud, as well as the Simphony Cloud for point-of-sale technology. As technology becomes more accessible and consumers become accustomed to business in the 21st century, more hospitality clouds are bound to spring up.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to using the cloud within the hospitality sector. Moreover, as new technologies and more breakthroughs are being made nearly every single day, there's no telling where the future of cloud-based hospitality management will take us.


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