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Overview of CloudAlly

Although they might not be the most instantly recognizable name in the IT sector as of yet, CloudAlly is quickly positioning themselves as one of the frontrunners of a highly competitive industry. With a focus on providing data backup and archival of the most popular online platforms, including Google Apps, Office365, Salesforce and more, they're able to allocate all of their resources to providing efficient and secure online backups within the 21st century.

Murray Moceri, marketing director with CloudAlly, highlighted a common misconception about data backup while touting his company's product. He was quoted as saying: "Many businesses believe the recycle bin provides adequate backup, but the bins are purged automatically after 30 days for Office 365 and 90 days for SharePoint Online. Once purged, that data is gone forever."

Existing as a software-as-a-service offering, CloudAlly offers a number of benefits to its users. While some benefits do not apply to all applications of CloudAlly, most users will be able to enjoy the ability to schedule automatic daily backups of data from Google Apps, Office365, Salesforce, Gmail, DynamoDB, SimpleDB and more. These archives are proteted through AES-256 encryption, and the OAuth protocol introduces an added level of security without having to rely on application-specific credentials.

Furthermore, users will benefit from the unlimited storage space allocated toward daily backups as well as the ability to restore data from any previously saved point. This allows users to revert to a backup that is only a few days, weeks, months or even years old if necessary.

CloudAlly is also dedicated to preserving the security of their customer's data. Having obtained ISO 27001 Certification in 2014, an internationally recognized standard of information security, CloudAlly has already demonstrated their commitment to data security. Moreover, CloudAlly has already announced plans to obtain HIPAA and ISAE 3402 certifications in the near future. When obtained, these industry-specific certifications will pave the way for future growth and development on behalf of CloudAlly.

Moceri also spoke about CloudAlly's relatively recent ISO certification, where he was quoted as saying: "As a leader in cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery services, we’re very proud of our ISO 27001 certification as it demonstrates our commitment to providing a secure platform for business critical data archival and recovery. Our customers rely on us to protect their data and this independent validation of our security framework ensures that our internal processes meet all regulatory compliance requirements."

While pricing structures are dependent on a number of factors, CloudAlly is widely considered as one of the most affordable cloud-to-cloud backup services available. Certain discounts are even provided for some academic and non-profit organizations.

Interested parties can find out more about CloudAlly by visiting their website at Here you'll find a complete listing of their online backup services, pricing information, partnership information and even a company-operated blog. CloudAlly can also be contacted directly through the form on their website. Users who are in need of technical support from CloudAlly can call their helpline, which is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, at 650-353-3425.


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