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CloudBerry Backup Now Supports Cloud-to-Cloud

CloudBerry Lab is a cloud backup company that is based in Newport Beach, California. They have a number of products, one of which is CloudBerry Backup. This is a line of products that cover various editions (desktop, server, bare metal and so on) that will back up your files to a cloud storage provider of your choice: Amazon S3, Google Cloud, OpensStack, and more.

The software is now on version 3.8 and with that comes the new feature of cloud-to-cloud backup. This feature allows users to automatically backup data kept in one cloud storage location to another. It is a versatile function, allowing backing up to different cloud storage providers, between different accounts or even for individual containers within an account.

Although the top storage providers are very durable and accessible, nothing is ever going to be absolutely fail-safe. For example, restoring files that have been accidentally deleted or corrupted falls outside the purview of the providers; as such, it is important to spread your data across multiple backup solutions.

“New CloudBerry Backup v3.8 allows organizations ensure cloud-based data is protected and available for granular file-level restore at any time,” said Alexey Serkov, Cloudberry Lab CTO.

“Cloud to cloud backup runs through the computer where CloudBerry Backup is installed. For local computers data will be downloaded locally and re-uploaded to another cloud. For EC2 or Azure Instance data stays inside the cloud,” he continued.

The new version of CloudBerry Backup has some other new features too. There is a brand new search feature that will let users seek out individual files and restore them instantly, across all their backups. There is also the ability to schedule when backup jobs should be carried out, configurable retention policies and the ability to select specific file-types to backup.

Additionally, email notifications have been changed, offering restore job alerts and giving a better overview of what issues might be affecting backups. Finally, users can also tell the program to delete old versions of files that have already been backed up.

For those users running CloudBerry Backup and wanting to enable the feature, the follow steps should be performed:

Open CloudBerry Backup and click the ‘Cloud to Cloud’ icon on the toolbar. Alternatively, navigate to ‘File’ on the menu and then select ‘Cloud to Cloud’. Then, select the source cloud storage account (the one you want to backup) and click ‘next’. Now select the objects/files you wish to backup and click ‘Next’. You should then select a destination cloud storage account (where your files will be backed up to) and click ‘Next’.

From here you should just continue with the Backup Wizard as you desire, specifying your scheduling options when asked. You can choose to run the backup immediately, or wait until your scheduled time.

More information about CloudBerry Backup, along with other CloudBerry Lab programs, can be found at their official website. From here you can see whether the utilities would be useful for your enterprise and what the pricing options available are. The BackUp programs work with a lot of popular clouds, so chances are you’ll find it enticing.


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