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CloudRanger Backup Services Now Available on AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace is known for providing users with new and exciting IT solutions as soon as they hit the market, so it should come as no surprise that their recent inclusion of the CloudRanger backup suite was embraced so quickly. It also came just months after AWS introduced their new program, dubbed SaaS Contracts on the AWS Marketplace, which provides access to software-as-a-service solutions according to a fixed contract structure. The initiative is already proving beneficial for smaller companies like CloudRanger.

What is CloudRanger

Developed by a company of the same name, CloudRanger is an automated backup and server management solution that is designed for use by businesses, managed service providers and enterprises. By leveraging cloud-based resources, CloudRanger further enhances these processes by saving you time and money. It also reduces the amount of manual intervention that is required from your IT team on a day-to-day basis.

Chris Burnett, IT director with George Street Photo & Video, a major client of CloudRanger, explains how his company uses the solution by saying: ''“CloudRanger saves me a ton of time and I always know that the tasks are running how I want. We use their scheduler for non-production EC2s, and that is a huge money-saver. I implemented a strict backup retention policy, and the software creates backups every day, and then I set it up to delete them after seven days, so we aren't storing old data forever. It's so great!”

Enter the AWS Marketplace

As useful as CloudRanger is, company leaders found it difficult to compete in the rapid field of IT. Not only was it challenging to get their name out there in the first place, but it was difficult to convince users to switch to their software; and that’s exactly where Amazon and the AWS Marketplace stepped in.

Dan Creviston, chief product officer with CloudRanger, described their relationship with Amazon by stating:
“Often, when implementing a new software product, clients not only have to import their settings, they likely have to work with their billing department to setup with a new vendor and gain approval from higher-ups. With AWS Marketplace SaaS Contracts, customers can simply add CloudRanger to their existing AWS subscription. This ultimately allows customers to get started using CloudRanger more quickly, increasing their organization’s data security, and with less organizational hurdles.”''

But their newfound relationship will benefit CloudRanger in other ways, too. Not only will they benefit from the increased exposure through the AWS Marketplace, but customers will be more likely to chance on a software company that is backed by Amazon rather than a relatively unknown company headquartered out of the Midwestern United States. This will result in improved profitability for CloudRanger as well as new and exciting software upgrades in the future.

Find Out More

To find out more information about CloudRanger or any of their solutions, please visit their official site at {{|}}. For more information about the AWS Marketplace, head over to their site at {{|}}.


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