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Cloud Security Myths Debunked

There are misconceptions out there about cloud storage and how secure your data actually is. Some may think that cloud storage is totally safe and nothing bad could happen. This is wrong. Some may think that the cloud is totally unsafe and that putting data on there is a huge risk. This is wrong. Granted, it is not one hundred per cent secure, but then again nothing really is. This article will take a look at some of the most common cloud security myths and hope to educate on how it truly is.
One popular myth is that cloud storage is new or that it is the latest fad. The fact of the matter is that the technology and concepts behind cloud storage have been in development for years. The term ‘cloud’ is more recent, but the technology isn’t. More and more businesses are now adopting cloud storage and the majority of larger organisations now use it in one form or another.
Perhaps the biggest concern is that the cloud isn’t secure. This has to be examined carefully, because not every cloud provider is going to offer the same level of security. You are responsible for your company’s data. Blindly handing everything over to another company is not solid business practice. Ensure that you have proper internal controls in place when it comes to the security of your data. Investigate the cloud storage company and find out what they have in place to keep everything safe. Remember, you can use a hybrid cloud solution to keep sensitive data away from the cloud. It is not necessary to put everything on there, especially things like financial information or customer details.
Another myth is that the cloud is too costly when it comes to standard storage. In fact, you might find that the opposite is true. The cloud is hugely scalable, meaning that if you run out of space then you can upgrade to the amount you need rather than having to fork out for a new drive. Don’t just limit your looking to storage costs, either. Consider things like support or reliability when it comes to the price. You might find that using the cloud will get you a better bang for buck than something like a full server solution.
If you’re in a big business, one concern could be that the cloud is too difficult to understand. Perhaps you’re worried that employees wouldn’t be able to grasp it. In reality, a good cloud solution will integrate seamlessly into the desktop workplace. If employees don’t notice a change then that’s probably a good thing – all their files can be seamlessly backed up automatically and they won’t even notice a change.
A final myth is that performance is an issue when using cloud storage. This depends on a variety of factors, one of them being the stability of your internet connection. Everything in the cloud is stored online and if your internet connection goes down then you’re not going to be able to sync with it. Generally, capacity and scalability is superior in the cloud. However, if performance is an issue, you should again consider a hybrid solution.


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