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Clumio to Enter Data Backup and Recovery Market

Recently emerging from stealth with a total of $51 million in capital from two funding rounds, Clumio is already shaping up to make a huge impact on the niche of data backup and recovery. Their flagship product, which currently only supports VMware and VMware-on-AWS, is a highly innovative solution for transporting, securing, and backing up data on the cloud.

Moreover, Clumio foots the bill for any egress data charges that may apply, which is usually a hidden stipulation in many S3 service contracts. Instead, Clumio's fees are based on the total number of virtual machines (VMs) as opposed to the actual amount of data being managed.

Planning For the Future

But this is just a start. The company describes Clumio as a versatile data fabric, so we can expect to see a lot more coming from the brand in the coming weeks, months, and years. Although the data backup sector is already crowded with competition, the team at Clumio is confident in their product. They're also using their data backup services as a springboard for future upgrades, improvements, and enhancements.

They've also separated themselves from much of their prominent competitors – like Backblaze and Carbonite – by specifically targeting enterprise systems. Not only does this set them apart from some of the more popular brands that are already out there, but it gives them a great chance to develop a unique and innovative product in and of itself.

Poojan Kumar, founder of Clumio, spoke about the need for off-premises and cloud-based backup services, saying: "Enterprise workloads are being ‘SaaS-ified’ because IT can no longer afford the time, complexity and expense of building and managing heavy on-prem hardware and software solutions if they are to successfully deliver against their digital transformation initiatives."

Kumar continued his recent interview by saying: "Unlike legacy backup vendors, Clumio SaaS is born in the cloud and all-in on AWS. We have leveraged the most secure and innovative cloud services available, now and in the future, within our service to ensure that we can meet customer requirements for backup, regardless of where the data is."

Utilizing a Familiar Approach

Clumio's strategy of entering the IT industry via data backup services has been seen before. In fact, Veeam, Rubrik, and Cohesity can all trace their roots to data backup and recovery services – even though they've all grown and expanded to include many other solutions and services.

If Kumar's name seems familiar, that's because it is. Kumar previously founded PernixData in 2012. PernixData was eventually acquired by Nutanix in 2016 for an unknown amount. Clumio is also responsible for the ongoing development of an AWS-based software-as-a-service product, also known as Clumio, which has been available for several years.

For more information on Clumio, including details on any of their data backup and recovery solutions, please visit their official site at To find out more about VMware, you can head over to their official website at {{|}).


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