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Code42 Online Backup Switches Focus to Enterprise Services

The team at Code42 recently made the news for their new partnership with Carbonite, where they will focus on business and enterprise-level services, but this venture was originally sparked by a move by Code42. Having just begun the process of phasing out their consumer offerings – by eliminating Code42 CrashPlan – the team has plenty of resources available to devote to their newest endeavor.

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

But the life of Code42’s CrashPlan isn’t over yet; they’ve merely set a date for the discontinuation of the service. That date is October 22, 2018, so home users have almost an entire year to find a replacement. This might come as a shock to some, but, according to Code42’s own admittance, their profits from consumer services comprise only 10% of their total customer base.

Joe Payne, president and CEO with Code42, spoke about the evolving needs of their customers as well as their new focus on enterprise-level solutions. He was quoted as saying: “The needs of our business and consumer customers have diverged dramatically in the past few years. With the rise in threats facing organizations today, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the data security and visibility solutions those organizations require. This continues to fuel our high growth and is driving our strategic decision to focus solely on business and education markets.”

Although it’s only a matter of time until support for CrashPlan comes to an end, Code42 is expected to maintain a strong presence in the IT industry – they’re simply changing their focus.

Capitalizing on Emerging Trends

From a profitability standpoint, it makes sense that Code42 would cease consumer support and focus on small businesses and enterprises. The 21st century has seen an increased amount of startup ventures – with varying degrees of success. Nonetheless, the entrepreneurial trend is expected to continue. As more individuals start running businesses of their own, companies like Code42 are there to ensure a smooth transition along the way.

However, some current small businesses do depend on Code42’s CrashPlan to safeguard their systems against common threats. This is especially true for those who sell goods via eBay or Etsy, who typically rely on consumer-oriented software to protect their assets.

Moreover, Carbonite has announced discounts for customers migrating from Code42 and the CrashPlan service. Specific details of the discount have not been announced at the time of this writing, but current customers can take solace knowing that they won’t be left in the dark come October 2018.

The Future of Code42 and Carbonite

Code42 will continue providing endpoint data protection and real-time recovery services, just like they’ve always done, for the foreseeable future. Whether or not their relationship with Carbonite will escalate into a full-blown merger or acquisition is anybody’s guess, but Carbonite does have a history of purchasing small companies outright. Whether or not they’re planning this with Code42 is still up for debate. Until we find out more, you can visit Code42’s official website at {{|}}.


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