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Strengthening Corporate Data Storage and IT Security with Code42

Code42, one of the industry's front-running leaders in endpoint data management for enterprises of all sizes, recently announced the release of the newest version of their SharePlan Enterprise File Sync and Share service, known as EFSS for short. With an increased focus on industry compliance as well as data security, Code42 hopes to fill the void left by consumer-level cloud storage options and software-as-a-service offerings.

Jim Lundy, founder, lead analyst and chief executive officer with Aragon Research, disseminated the results of his company's research on Code42's service offerings. He was quoted as saying: "Our research shows that enterprises are looking for file sync and share providers that deliver on the promise of enterprise data security. Code42 is leveraging its heritage in secure backup and recovery, and extending it with SharePlan to deliver the enterprise security that enterprises need in a file sync and share solution."

Enhancing Security and Compliance

As mentioned, one of the key selling points of the fourth-generation SharePlan is to provide increased endpoint security and data protection. This is achieved through the use of user PINs, which moderate access to shared files, locations and links.

Industry compliance is also bolstered in the newest version of SharePlan. Designed in tandem with the standards established by such organizations as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Code42's SharePlan Enterprise File Sync and Share service streamlines the entire data storage and protection protocol.

Dr. Tran Hong with California Baptist University spoke highly of Code42 and how it's held his institution. He was quoted as saying: "Many of our faculty and staff were using Dropbox for file access, and it was imperative for us to provide a secure alternative. We didn't want to strong-arm users into switching, so our approach was to affirm users' need for backup and sync and share, and show them that Code42's CrashPlan and SharePlan - as a complete enterprise solution - was a better fit for the campus and our users. Once they saw how easy it is to use, and what it can do, they eagerly adopted the new technology."

Finally, Code42's SharePlan Enterprise File Sync and Share service even offers improved reporting functionality. By allowing IT and legal staff the chance to scrutinize system access and file sharing according to the individual user, compliance can be enforced on a level that wasn't possible in previous versions of SharePlan.

About Code42

Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, and partnered with some of the most highly reputable and instantly recognizable brands in the United States, including Harvard, Procter & Gamble, Genentech / Roche, Expedia and more, it's safe to say that the team with Code42 is certainly well-versed in enterprise data protection, security and file sharing. Moreover, with over 30,000 enterprises currently relying on Code42 to protect the data and functionality of millions of IT devices, it's easy to see how they've earned their reputation amongst the top industry figureheads. To find out more information about Code42, including their available service offerings, partnerships and teammates, visit their website at


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